Chump Change - 2010/10/21

Jacks Roadhouse is open for business
Now catering to any and every desire
So come on down for the grand opening
Our deals are setting the city on fire
If you want it we will always have it
Forget price as with our smart layaway
Even if you just can't afford to keep
You can pretend it is yours for a day
Dont deny it friends you are intrigued
So forget that fraud across the street
As recent poll numbers show most know
His stuff sucks and his prices are beat
So what are you moping around home for
Move your lazy ass up and on down here
The prices are low and stuff is moving
Even if what we are selling aint clear
You know we are the only one stop shop
Nobody else is selling you your dream
Dissatisfied customers do just remember
Dont leave as we are on the same team

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