Dubious - 2010/10/16

The path drifts into the horizon ahead
Leading to a future I still only dread
The journey is of unpredictable nature
Lacking any signs leaving me so unsure
Ever wondering if it leads where I see
Or at this date can it yet surprise me

Merry men serenade tunes in amber skies
Delicious illusions built on taunt lies
Whimsical existence the dream crumbling
Once the music ends we will go tumbling
Dance dear fellows until my time passes
As I do not wish to join huddled masses

Is this deaths doorstep or another rhyme
That will only end due to a lack of time
Could it continue forever if I but tried
With immortality awarded beyond the ride
Or is this the mechanism that misdirects
While Im oblivious to all of its effects

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