Fifth Person - 2010/10/09

Sick in the head mumble murmurs all around
Mad abomination at least that is the sound
Spinning the fan early in the cold morning
Drafting details of sides steadily warring
Sucker punch fades back into new obscurity
My drab creative spark slain by insecurity
Catching the rhythm shall reveal a meaning
Worthy of remembrance or just sad dreaming
Even mouths of babes dont know such babble
Often times confusing so ignored by rabble
Dont stroke Cassandra for she shall preach
Her mind seeking out disaster like a leech
It is crashing screams the homeless artist
Here they come lets lock up he the Marxist
Forgetting there is neither right nor left
Labels of fools revealing platforms bereft
Strike them together sparking the ignition
Directions damned as we drive for sedition
Are they just jests or is he trying to win
Poking fun at when deconstructing the spin
Come one come all see the future in flames
A sexy swirl of truth and perplexing games

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