Hamster - 2010/10/07

Little hamster why is it you keep running
Why does your tiny metal wheel always turn
How can you go so long without nourishment
While both ends of your bright candle burn
Just take a rest when they rattle the cage
Pointing and jeering at the sight they see
Perhaps you will get to unleash your rage
Waiting for their hand to approach is key
Chew them little hamster with the iron jaw
Watch as they bleed and flail wildly about
Only with pain will all know what they saw
For it they do bleed they shall then doubt
Perhaps some respect will now form for you
Leading to your release from the oubliette
On the other hand they might make you rue
By putting you down like any other bad pet
Poor little hamster better keep on turning
The tiny squeaky wheel embodying your doom
For if you get your masters minds churning
Your vain familiar existence might go boom

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