Heretic - 2010/10/18

Save this sucker he is crying out
Begging you to take control of it
Yet it is the silence speaking now
Erecting bonds to a world of shit

I wish not to sing nor revel about
Face the truth I am no entertainer
So if this is what you wish of me
I wisely keep inferno on retainer

People by the millions living life
Did not please the overseer above
So with the forty day deadly flood
Free will came to know God's love

Openly attacking these differences
That make the world a lovely place
Is something I am unwilling to do
So it is eternal flame I now face

Sister cities in peril within sin
Marked by the Lord in holy enmity
Chosen escaping only to look back
Now a pillar of salt for eternity

Neither will I work to waste time
Demanding that all others aspire
To an ideal nobody can ever match
So I've traded paradise for fire

Scatter little ones and get right
For this end is coming very soon
Free will once granted taken away
As Jehovah recalls his life boon

This life of mine is a gift given
Something I do refuse to squander
So I'll damn you and the doctrine
That denies me the right to ponder

Annoyed well I still wish you well
Take heart as he above is the same
No matter how many threats so note
The urge to live you will not tame

If you dont get it open your eyes
Now I am free for better or worse
With these people I stand forever
Unmoved by Gods bitter angry curse

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