Infidel - 2010/10/26

Tactical indicates target is in range
Both teams have assumed the positions
Note this operation has a green light
Proceed to phase one of your missions
Sir door appears to have been secured
Kick it open the corporal as we cover
Do not enter until flash bangs finish
Shoot to kill and forget the stunners

Wake up my son they have us surrounded
Stay here in the room remaining silent
There are some weapons beneath the bed
Kill or be killed its us or the tyrant

The primary target is now neutralized
We are clearing the rest of the house
Remain on alert until area is cleared
Beware children and a possible spouse

My father is dead I heard him scream
His blood is seeping through the door
Forever alone all I knew is now dead
Ever taking yet they still want more
There is a grenade here pull the pin
Crack the door and toss it right out
Get inside better cover my damn ears
What the fuck is this even all about

Fuck Williams is down I repeat down
It was a damn grenade from that room
Holy shit it is just some stupid kid
Shut up and shoot that bastard soon
Hostile neutralized double chest tap
Check the rest of house double time
Get the medic over here for Williams
Snatch that terrorist piece of slime

Son the charge against you is murder
I am not your son my father is dead
Forget about that how will you plead
They shot him and left while he bled
The issue is the man that you killed
They fucking killed dad in our home
You unlawfully resisted the US army
Legally murdering wherever they roam?

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