Outcast - 2010/10/06

How can I belong if I all do is pretend
That their mad choices are ones I defend
Plans within plans reveal no plan at all
Yet construction commences doomed to fall
Higher and higher this edifice does span
Surrounded by hordes of other also rans
What sickness overcomes as I now inspect
The smoldering ruins of chaotic effects
Wrought by actions born of no consequence
The denial of which will be with us hence
Guards or prisoners the difference benign
Marching onward and ignoring all the signs
What home have I when home is all but lost
Spurned by comforting innocence now tossed
River of action I know your vague currents
Rowing so carefully to avoid the deterrents
Yet for the others stranded upon the shore
Do I stop or allow them to suffer evermore

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