Rapacious - 2010/10/12

The void within demands that I fill it
As it ever so deftly plucks my strings
No matter the sacrifice I wont kill it
I am now enthralled by a song it sings
In Heaven and hellish depths I do look
Vainly for that which might stop it up
Trading away my soul aware I will cook
Forever before filling the vicious cup
What lengths I explore to avoid facing
A simple truth that drives my futility
Its paint by numbers yet I am tracing
To preserve ideas left without utility
Still pouring yet it never does settle
As a sieve with the sand it disappears
Ever stubborn I try to prove my mettle
By producing more and ignoring my ears
So explain why I pour knowing the fate
Of all slain in this cycle of delusion
When my last real option absconds hate
Leaving no breath for this my illusion

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