Recalcitrant - 2010/10/18

Serendipity effortlessly abandoned me
Second rate impostors leave me alone
Rain plummets like icy dagger shards
Freezing while I am trying to atone
Marching in form over the sandy dunes
Thirstily dying dreaming of a drop
A weapon is cleaned could it be me
The mind unwilling to force a stop
Down some drinks watch it all glaze
Pointless as there is never enough
Tune out and ignore leaving but hope
Ready to die as its not that tough
Tidbits scattered begging to be taken
Delicious lies that do not digest
Starving is the only way to survive
This strange event where I am a guest
Currents of possibility now all flow
Into the formation I forever dread
Spinning and working to consume all
The force of nature gathering dead
Temptation mews ever so excitingly
Come on and swim just one last dip
With that my pretense is abandoned
As into this whirlpool I shall slip

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