Verbal - 2010/10/11

Word words words what a game they are
Preaching at everybody so near and far
Closed ears and broken hearts wheezing
Action erased by these voices pleasing
Talk talk talk lets work out a conflict
Neither side budging at all now ticked
Hard heads with body armor mounting up
For damned sand mounds violence erupts
Peace Peace Peace with extra firepower
Ruling so from their chaste ivory tower
Silence simply lacks the courage to say
Immaculate outer walls are falling away
Pray Pray Pray for morality ever so hid
Wasting devotion on a nasty spoiled kid
Let him return to the burning wasteland
A final tragic mess from an erratic hand
March March March for speeches not action
Fools wonder why an idea gets no traction
Open ears for open mouths making no sense
Receivers of the scam now angry and tense
Listen Listen Listen to the final breath
Of the once free world evolving to death
What ever the fuck is it supposed to take
To stir fellow fools awake for their sake

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