Brownout - 2010/11/30

He feinted and I took the bait
His blade feasted with no wait
My knees buckled and I tumbled
Mortal chaos is now a mumble

My eyes rolled back in my head
Skeptics will believe I am dead
Still suspended while motionless
The world rolls on for the rest

Life upended and death prowling
Ever hungry dogs of war howling
Yet for the time I have forever
To reflect on life now severed

With eyes wide I grow less fonder
Realizing its purgatory I wander
My regret and remorse fuel fire
Driving torture of which I tire

Images flicker and people speak
Relaying tales showing I am weak
All protections outright removed
Broke then rebuilt now improved

Dead I may be yet somehow I live
Preserved despite a vicious shiv
Once this moment ends I will too
If theres purpose I have no clue

Basic electrical impulses expire
A consequence of how I am wired
So before parting I wish to say
Live for nothing lies this way


Ever Spark - 2010/11/28

Shallow columns march across shifty dunes
Their tracks engulfed by never ending sand
With numbers sparse though we do not know
As their presence is veiled by God's hand
Hunt them we shall with everlasting might
Even as they yearn to kill with the night
Yet hard it can be to track with no sight
As they work their revenge for this fight

Follow me fellows for I have found a way
Grab your arms and be free of your fears
For if not now then when and just why not
Should we not battle while destiny nears
Start off quick as we should strike fast
If need be we shall struggle to the last
Focus on this now and set aside the past
As this is it and our opposition is vast

Hardly visible while haunting our dreams
The howls of each victim chill every soul
One by one they work to pick everyone off
Layering mental torture that takes a toll
No more speeches for words do not suffice
This is a time for violence not my advice
If we are to perish per their vile device
Let our sacrifice make them pay the price


Locker - 2010/11/26

Lost souls at sea are dead dying and gone
Forever lost in the glaring desert of salt
Beaten by winds and swallowed by the waves
With no one to blame only fate is at fault
They set sail seeking out fame and fortune
While only finding confirmation of a folly
Of an arrangement fabricated by fellow man
That we masters use the earth as a trolley

The swells rumble while a sturdy ship sinks
Leaving just the water to wipe away remains
Searching in vain with hope harshly denying
A heartless sea that will devour any stains
Deep down below the endless cold now awaits
Occupied by beasts the world has never seen
Should you happen to so gaze upon the place
You have passed on if you know what we mean

Let us not be hasty but on a brief occasion
Some very lucky soul will out roll the odds
On whatever day they escape from the depths
They shall be met by unnerving gasps of awe
For even the most pompous fool around knows
The belly of this beast is a place of death
So it follows if one gets caught in its maw
Better to assume they had their last breath


Dissimulation - 2010/11/24

Used up forgotten and gaily tossed aside
The remains linger long after life leaves
Fake stench of the past wafts in the air
Joining the vision of today my eye weaves
A hidden heart string plucked very deftly
Threatens a carefully designed foundation
With specific action at the precise time
It seems anybody may destroy my creation

Still I can recall ever glorious radiance
My days spent basking in its eternal rays
What I would tell if I but had the courage
And a vision unhindered by darkening days
Yet a bit of pressure applied to the fault
Violently tweaked my dear summer yearning
Superseding it with a deep foreign inferno
Old secrets of which I am nastily learning

For of what shall I tell when I next look
As I worry about the weakness now revealed
Does yearning for the past damn any future
Or does perception imply my fate is sealed
Questions abound do not penetrate the veil
Inner workings of which are quite a mystery
Not as long as I continue to press forward
Relying upon a wholly manufactured history


Tapestry - 2010/11/22

Opulent organs and pipes line the walls
For a dozen players prepare to serenade
As a thousand cannons are primed to fire
When the final chord of the night fades
Entry is free if you have but open ears
To catch the echos crossing the universe
Follow if you can as its leaving a trail
In which a single note trumps any verse

Disease runs rampant in these final days
For their feast has withered into famine
This once great empire bent at its knees
Prays for quick death in the face of sin
As rats feeding on once familiar corpses
The aristocracies rise even as they fall
Follow if you can as its leaving a trail
Painted in a mural on the forgotten wall

Words of the watchful linger for so long
Hence only postmortem are they processed
In vain they are written even so ignored
Until we can stomach to work and address
It matters not as there is no going back
Whether beauty or tragedy be the subject
Follow if you can as its leaving a trail
In beautiful evanescence quite imperfect


Abomination - 2010/11/21

Lovely arachnid your visage entrances
Even while those around you still bleed
Why can I not tear my eyes away today
Can my reason not overrule primal need
Killers on the march stalk you even now
I should rejoin their band post haste
For I shall lead them away from you dear
As spilling your blood would be a waste

Words cannot express the love I nurture
Only through actions can I ever convince
I would give you everything that I have
If your highness desires a dark prince
So free me my love so that I may protect
This love which I value above the rest
Remember without trust there is no hope
A codependency that cannot be addressed

Then his blade descended swift children
Traveling to cleave my very head in two
Yet I was not a fool and countered quick
And with his last words the hatred grew
He begged for some mercy can you believe
That he thought to convince me with lies
It pains me to relay that as he expired
I could indeed see love within his eyes

What trickery could this be now revealed
How could such feelings drive him verily
Was our love not worth so many lifetimes
That he decided to dispatch me so merrily
I know not the answers to these questions
Even while I lay awake at night pondering
Was it adoration that drove him to kill
Or hatred that has left me now wandering

We the People - 2010/11/21

I was told this tale as a child
Its so unbelievable and so wild
Divine mandates and genetics say
It is our fate to rule every day
Faceless minions of this a horde
Call great what they march toward
Values for all are values we have
Shared with all via vicious salve

Consequences have made us victims
Yet while we sing these our hymns
Fighting forward rather than back
Pretending all is white and black
Reason and reality simply depart
Left only with what we are a part
Nameless faces are just the cogs
Driving tyranny as they are dogs

Foundations growing ever so weak
By force of the ever growing meek
Temptations and desires fuel rage
Keeping our true potential caged
One day it shall suddenly retreat
Leaving us a new freedom to meet
The world head on so unencumbered
By a myth whose days are numbered


Entrapment - 2010/11/18

Light the match then toss it down
Damn the world and watch it drown
Quickly turn and make your escape
Thrills are not preserved on tape
Reasoning replaced by primal need
Births the chaos of which we read

Voices pouring from every orifice
Expecting you to grant every wish
Endless deluges of crippled wimps
Procuring your services via pimps
Spread the legs get ready to ride
Run you may but you will not hide

Connected together we now coexist
When their jejune demands persist
Yet when met great silence reigns
Life marches on without any pains
A price paid and service provided
When was the imprisonment decided

So time to time it never subsides
By unwritten rules it doesnt abide
When you sit toying with the match
Weighing tossing it down the hatch
Disregard those chains and depart
As the cycle of need has no heart


Kismet - 2010/11/16

A dark angel descends unchained now
Searching for tainted souls to plow
Over the ridge he comes a searching
For the growing taint ever lurching
A vengeance now lost shall be found
Yet despite the disgust not a sound
As ethereal rumors bearing his name
Damn yentas to suffer the very same

With hell backing him he slaughters
Wayward parents sons even daughters
Behind are myths in front just fate
His righteous anger we cant satiate
Rebels and royals both run on sight
From the gray angel they wont fight
Those who arrive do so of free will
Within holy fury their blood spills

Darkened champion is but the vessel
For that fury with which we wrestle
Succeed though he may lost so is he
A mind infected by all that he sees
Divine power granted so ripped away
Haunting him for his remaining days
And when another man draws the will
Shell of man will be his first kill


Colorless Coma - 2010/11/15

Foreign friends infest a land unknown
Compelling and fascinating even alone
In stark contrast to the darkened sky
Of a world in which our dreams do die
Rampantly racing to create excitement
Every slice of pleasure an indictment
As I exist there struggling to choose
Between speaking to you and the abuse

What sun is it emerging on that ridge
Is it real or have I crossed a bridge
Leading to lands where contrast lacks
An alliance between whites and blacks
Forever fantastic so truly phantasmal
One could forget that it lacks a soul
Lovely luster drifting just skin deep
The revelation of which makes me weep

What path is there that leads between
All that I resent and what I do dream
Born from plans voluntarily implanted
Developing a perspective ever slanted
Escape it I can or just dwell eternal
As if lies can transcend the infernal
Willful or witless its time to choose
Between truth and our degenerate muse


Rally - 2010/11/14

Its just another day or so it seems
A throbbing echoes through the beams
From amidst this cavalcade of chaos
We work to divine some secret sauce
Logic order and reason so discarded
While passion and plans have parted
Leaving hope to merge with impulses
A next step conjured by our guesses

Today we want for a bit more magic
The failure of which would be tragic
Had it not broken many times before
A consequence we so choose to ignore
Then we pray for logical resolution
With no craft to grasp the solution
Blind men working to forge fine clay
Are simply the laughing stocks today

Its just another day I shall choose
To foster an effort or simply cruise
While combined force remains lacking
There lacks real logic in attacking
Entities that can be overcome by all
Yet if they could be rallied by call
Perhaps this slow death by many cuts
Can be reversed by a leader with guts

Senile - 2010/11/14

Everybody wants to rule the world
Whether by fairy dust or the sword
Well thats everybody except for me
I only want a simple thing you see
Get off this damn porch and get out
And if your friends just hang about
There is a surprise in my gun rack
It is smooth long loaded and black

Spare me your teenage interpretation
Else youll die over procrastination
Peddle your petty causes elsewhere
I care not how the rest of you fare
Call me a hermit because I just am
A man who simply doesnt give a damn
While the world outside fades away
I will do the same for I hide away

Shed no tears and forget my visage
Nobody makes anymore of my vintage
It's just as well as I am now sour
A malcontent scorned by their power
I huddle in the shadow of the tower
Of many sad truths at which I cower
Stop wasting time get off my porch
Set the world ablaze with one torch


Missionary - 2010/11/13

Play a missionary to these people
Tell me of your preferred steeple
Spread with joy ideas you cherish
Hoping all others will now perish
Become my savior within your eyes
Woo me with lovely delicious lies
Forget discussion instead dictate
Let me respond after its too late
Feel free to ignore my explanation
Writing off dissent as uneducation
Go forth great one and be so bold
Forcefully bring us into the fold
Dream of living and thinking alike
Marching as one for this new reich
The world today is yours to grasp
You need but strengthen the clasp
That will shut out what is inside
Giving my future to you to decide
As what works for you will for me
With your efforts I will soon see


Busy Bee - 2010/11/11

Just another day with the boys
When some sweet skirt walked by
With a whistle and snap we rose
Ogling her like one of our toys

Broke as a joke and needing a fix
Paradise is a broken window away
Golden jewelry is on the dresser
Pawn Shop closes at half past six

Offering plate is circling around
Eyes are firmly affixed up front
Dont mind if do dear wad of cash
Im in for a penny in for a pound

Handcuffed bored and ready to go
Suddenly a tempting offer is made
Looks like we are here all alone
It cant be wrong if nobody knows

Traffic is heavy lanes are tight
When some douche just cuts me off
Puerile trash didnt know Im armed
Gangsta rage makes quite a sight

Friend across the road hit it big
His life is so rocking and rolling
What does he have that I do not
Why cant I be more like that pig

Retards getting in my way all day
Wasting my time with their whines
I am too good and I just dont care
I suffer the fools you might say

Seven sad stories you have heard
All hanging on the single thread
Each cautioning against the risk
Of missing the point of the word

Bah Humbug - 2010/11/11

Well it is that time of year again
My skin is crawling at the thought
One day I see the decorations rise
Bringing on the greedy fucking rot

Lets celebrate a birthday they say
On which day respond the poor herd
Hey lets steal the winter solstice
Driving me to drink and plain weep

So invent a fat burglar with magic
To spy and fly around as he pleases
Lie to your children no matter what
Waylay them with your loony teases

From bright red noses shining ahead
And timely unwitnessed resurrection
Everything is mixed up now together
None of it survives real inspection

Oh damn my ears now being assaulted
By garbage they call music blaring
Forgive me when I scream in my pain
Ignore good taste and stop staring

Have you seen my shrinking wallet
It seems it is now misappropriated
But theres nothing to fill it with
Due to this money pit weve created

Here is a great idea that Ive had
Lets put a fire hazard in the den
Decorate it with electrical bulbs
That tend to burn up now and then

Somehow someway I will survive it
Only to resume earlier next year
Just put a leash on your holiday
Before I neuter it myself ya hear


Asphyxiation - 2010/11/09

A sweet breath of air has arrived
I now live to survive another day
My tank on empty choking its last
I yearn for ideas to lead the way
With inspiration in short supply
I am but a reed bending with wind
As care evolves into carelessness
I know my lifes blood has thinned
A knock at my door I still expect
I lie in the face of hopelessness
The clamor of chaos is a backdrop
I strive to escape though address
With thick dirt covering my hands
I search for how now to sterilize
Tormented as I cant clean my mess
I simply idle and am so paralyzed
Only musings of this mind refresh
I indulge a pleasure rediscovered
Recorded thoughts force open eyes
I regret yet revel in the freedom


Vigilance - 2010/11/08

Blackbird in the sky glides along
Wings flapping to the solemn song
With the sun rising upon the land
As the gods have shown their hand
Blazing ruins lay broken all about
The sad remains of ones with clout

Many miles above the visions clear
Revealing the threats far and near
Yet an eagles vision cannot pierce
Dark selfish hearts guarded fierce
Stare above to the sky as it comes
Ever claiming the remaining crumbs

Harbinger of doom we now damn thee
Embattled by threats we do not see
Watching without while dying within
Misery blossoming as we work to win
Upon bones of serfs empires do form
Within their hearts hell burns warm

Flap thy wings you magnificent bird
Theres nothing to see mark my words
Skyscapes ignored by dwellers below
Even now paradise gives way to snow
Croak once more your storm rolls in
Rest for soon another flight begins


Monstrosity - 2010/11/06

Its just you and me here tonight
The moment here is so very right
Surely it is now safe to proceed
To alleviate this cathartic need
Switchblade is screaming lets go
No matter how much you plead no
Gag in your mouth so very clever
So you dont approve well I never
Lets make a little slice up top
You wont miss that ear you fop
Just stop crying while we dance
Accept death there is no chance
Great tunes waft through the air
I may be a monster but dont care
Demons sit left and to the right
Ordering me to do this all night
What shall I take next lets see
Which appendage still amuses me
Hold on a minute is he not dead
Wow I have been shot in my head
Of the players here with no clue
Im dying in the middle with you


Pivot - 2010/11/05

Something ever lurks within my mind
It is something that I cannot find
Something now howls for my attention
Is it something of another dimension

Something whispers ever as I sleep
It conjures dreams in which I weep
Something is missing and I seek it so
Is it real oh I fear the answer is no

Something prods at urges once buried
It questions the ideas I once married
Something is disrupting my livelihood
Is it a matter of what if or of could

Something tugs at deadened rot inside
It mumbles musings of fools who tried
Something melds with a world gone sour
Weaving hopelessness into reborn power

Something is burrowed like a splinter
It warns of long and avoidable winter
Something lobbies for one bold action
A small step that is beyond retraction

Something dances in the macabre dark
It reveals the world with but a spark
Someone will decide to allow it to be
Or kill the choice they refuse to see


Monkey Poo - 2010/11/03

Primate in the cage flinging poo
Humans outside yelling screw you
Monkey is insane laughing it up
Portly man outside about to erupt
Now each ape is circling the cage
Feeding on the others crazy rage
Inside and outside it is the same
Just a dumb monkey playing a game
One now sprayed the other jailed
Either way evolution just failed
Like it or not this is how it is
We spend everyday rolling in jiz
Good advice is to just carry poo
In case a monkey screws with you


Beholden - 2010/11/01

Tomorrow is coming yet here I am
Unwillingly to participate at all
No more or no less damned

Go I cannot so here I shall stay
While this precious world leaves
Their false idols to play

Scavenging my dreams of eras past
Ransacking rubble for the truth
Clearly unable to outlast

Great swaths of fury hover above
Readying a torrent at any moment
Lacking but a violent shove

So conquerers of the uncivilized
Built homes on the bloody fields
A vicious cycle unrealized

Tomorrow we shall speak out loud
Emboldening one of many traitors
Of whom no one can be proud

With steel in my voice I respond
That I reject overtures of fools
Whose word is not their bond