Abomination - 2010/11/21

Lovely arachnid your visage entrances
Even while those around you still bleed
Why can I not tear my eyes away today
Can my reason not overrule primal need
Killers on the march stalk you even now
I should rejoin their band post haste
For I shall lead them away from you dear
As spilling your blood would be a waste

Words cannot express the love I nurture
Only through actions can I ever convince
I would give you everything that I have
If your highness desires a dark prince
So free me my love so that I may protect
This love which I value above the rest
Remember without trust there is no hope
A codependency that cannot be addressed

Then his blade descended swift children
Traveling to cleave my very head in two
Yet I was not a fool and countered quick
And with his last words the hatred grew
He begged for some mercy can you believe
That he thought to convince me with lies
It pains me to relay that as he expired
I could indeed see love within his eyes

What trickery could this be now revealed
How could such feelings drive him verily
Was our love not worth so many lifetimes
That he decided to dispatch me so merrily
I know not the answers to these questions
Even while I lay awake at night pondering
Was it adoration that drove him to kill
Or hatred that has left me now wandering

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