Bah Humbug - 2010/11/11

Well it is that time of year again
My skin is crawling at the thought
One day I see the decorations rise
Bringing on the greedy fucking rot

Lets celebrate a birthday they say
On which day respond the poor herd
Hey lets steal the winter solstice
Driving me to drink and plain weep

So invent a fat burglar with magic
To spy and fly around as he pleases
Lie to your children no matter what
Waylay them with your loony teases

From bright red noses shining ahead
And timely unwitnessed resurrection
Everything is mixed up now together
None of it survives real inspection

Oh damn my ears now being assaulted
By garbage they call music blaring
Forgive me when I scream in my pain
Ignore good taste and stop staring

Have you seen my shrinking wallet
It seems it is now misappropriated
But theres nothing to fill it with
Due to this money pit weve created

Here is a great idea that Ive had
Lets put a fire hazard in the den
Decorate it with electrical bulbs
That tend to burn up now and then

Somehow someway I will survive it
Only to resume earlier next year
Just put a leash on your holiday
Before I neuter it myself ya hear

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