Brownout - 2010/11/30

He feinted and I took the bait
His blade feasted with no wait
My knees buckled and I tumbled
Mortal chaos is now a mumble

My eyes rolled back in my head
Skeptics will believe I am dead
Still suspended while motionless
The world rolls on for the rest

Life upended and death prowling
Ever hungry dogs of war howling
Yet for the time I have forever
To reflect on life now severed

With eyes wide I grow less fonder
Realizing its purgatory I wander
My regret and remorse fuel fire
Driving torture of which I tire

Images flicker and people speak
Relaying tales showing I am weak
All protections outright removed
Broke then rebuilt now improved

Dead I may be yet somehow I live
Preserved despite a vicious shiv
Once this moment ends I will too
If theres purpose I have no clue

Basic electrical impulses expire
A consequence of how I am wired
So before parting I wish to say
Live for nothing lies this way

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