Busy Bee - 2010/11/11

Just another day with the boys
When some sweet skirt walked by
With a whistle and snap we rose
Ogling her like one of our toys

Broke as a joke and needing a fix
Paradise is a broken window away
Golden jewelry is on the dresser
Pawn Shop closes at half past six

Offering plate is circling around
Eyes are firmly affixed up front
Dont mind if do dear wad of cash
Im in for a penny in for a pound

Handcuffed bored and ready to go
Suddenly a tempting offer is made
Looks like we are here all alone
It cant be wrong if nobody knows

Traffic is heavy lanes are tight
When some douche just cuts me off
Puerile trash didnt know Im armed
Gangsta rage makes quite a sight

Friend across the road hit it big
His life is so rocking and rolling
What does he have that I do not
Why cant I be more like that pig

Retards getting in my way all day
Wasting my time with their whines
I am too good and I just dont care
I suffer the fools you might say

Seven sad stories you have heard
All hanging on the single thread
Each cautioning against the risk
Of missing the point of the word

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