Colorless Coma - 2010/11/15

Foreign friends infest a land unknown
Compelling and fascinating even alone
In stark contrast to the darkened sky
Of a world in which our dreams do die
Rampantly racing to create excitement
Every slice of pleasure an indictment
As I exist there struggling to choose
Between speaking to you and the abuse

What sun is it emerging on that ridge
Is it real or have I crossed a bridge
Leading to lands where contrast lacks
An alliance between whites and blacks
Forever fantastic so truly phantasmal
One could forget that it lacks a soul
Lovely luster drifting just skin deep
The revelation of which makes me weep

What path is there that leads between
All that I resent and what I do dream
Born from plans voluntarily implanted
Developing a perspective ever slanted
Escape it I can or just dwell eternal
As if lies can transcend the infernal
Willful or witless its time to choose
Between truth and our degenerate muse

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