Dissimulation - 2010/11/24

Used up forgotten and gaily tossed aside
The remains linger long after life leaves
Fake stench of the past wafts in the air
Joining the vision of today my eye weaves
A hidden heart string plucked very deftly
Threatens a carefully designed foundation
With specific action at the precise time
It seems anybody may destroy my creation

Still I can recall ever glorious radiance
My days spent basking in its eternal rays
What I would tell if I but had the courage
And a vision unhindered by darkening days
Yet a bit of pressure applied to the fault
Violently tweaked my dear summer yearning
Superseding it with a deep foreign inferno
Old secrets of which I am nastily learning

For of what shall I tell when I next look
As I worry about the weakness now revealed
Does yearning for the past damn any future
Or does perception imply my fate is sealed
Questions abound do not penetrate the veil
Inner workings of which are quite a mystery
Not as long as I continue to press forward
Relying upon a wholly manufactured history

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