Entrapment - 2010/11/18

Light the match then toss it down
Damn the world and watch it drown
Quickly turn and make your escape
Thrills are not preserved on tape
Reasoning replaced by primal need
Births the chaos of which we read

Voices pouring from every orifice
Expecting you to grant every wish
Endless deluges of crippled wimps
Procuring your services via pimps
Spread the legs get ready to ride
Run you may but you will not hide

Connected together we now coexist
When their jejune demands persist
Yet when met great silence reigns
Life marches on without any pains
A price paid and service provided
When was the imprisonment decided

So time to time it never subsides
By unwritten rules it doesnt abide
When you sit toying with the match
Weighing tossing it down the hatch
Disregard those chains and depart
As the cycle of need has no heart

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