Ever Spark - 2010/11/28

Shallow columns march across shifty dunes
Their tracks engulfed by never ending sand
With numbers sparse though we do not know
As their presence is veiled by God's hand
Hunt them we shall with everlasting might
Even as they yearn to kill with the night
Yet hard it can be to track with no sight
As they work their revenge for this fight

Follow me fellows for I have found a way
Grab your arms and be free of your fears
For if not now then when and just why not
Should we not battle while destiny nears
Start off quick as we should strike fast
If need be we shall struggle to the last
Focus on this now and set aside the past
As this is it and our opposition is vast

Hardly visible while haunting our dreams
The howls of each victim chill every soul
One by one they work to pick everyone off
Layering mental torture that takes a toll
No more speeches for words do not suffice
This is a time for violence not my advice
If we are to perish per their vile device
Let our sacrifice make them pay the price

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