Kismet - 2010/11/16

A dark angel descends unchained now
Searching for tainted souls to plow
Over the ridge he comes a searching
For the growing taint ever lurching
A vengeance now lost shall be found
Yet despite the disgust not a sound
As ethereal rumors bearing his name
Damn yentas to suffer the very same

With hell backing him he slaughters
Wayward parents sons even daughters
Behind are myths in front just fate
His righteous anger we cant satiate
Rebels and royals both run on sight
From the gray angel they wont fight
Those who arrive do so of free will
Within holy fury their blood spills

Darkened champion is but the vessel
For that fury with which we wrestle
Succeed though he may lost so is he
A mind infected by all that he sees
Divine power granted so ripped away
Haunting him for his remaining days
And when another man draws the will
Shell of man will be his first kill

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