Locker - 2010/11/26

Lost souls at sea are dead dying and gone
Forever lost in the glaring desert of salt
Beaten by winds and swallowed by the waves
With no one to blame only fate is at fault
They set sail seeking out fame and fortune
While only finding confirmation of a folly
Of an arrangement fabricated by fellow man
That we masters use the earth as a trolley

The swells rumble while a sturdy ship sinks
Leaving just the water to wipe away remains
Searching in vain with hope harshly denying
A heartless sea that will devour any stains
Deep down below the endless cold now awaits
Occupied by beasts the world has never seen
Should you happen to so gaze upon the place
You have passed on if you know what we mean

Let us not be hasty but on a brief occasion
Some very lucky soul will out roll the odds
On whatever day they escape from the depths
They shall be met by unnerving gasps of awe
For even the most pompous fool around knows
The belly of this beast is a place of death
So it follows if one gets caught in its maw
Better to assume they had their last breath

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