Monstrosity - 2010/11/06

Its just you and me here tonight
The moment here is so very right
Surely it is now safe to proceed
To alleviate this cathartic need
Switchblade is screaming lets go
No matter how much you plead no
Gag in your mouth so very clever
So you dont approve well I never
Lets make a little slice up top
You wont miss that ear you fop
Just stop crying while we dance
Accept death there is no chance
Great tunes waft through the air
I may be a monster but dont care
Demons sit left and to the right
Ordering me to do this all night
What shall I take next lets see
Which appendage still amuses me
Hold on a minute is he not dead
Wow I have been shot in my head
Of the players here with no clue
Im dying in the middle with you

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