Pivot - 2010/11/05

Something ever lurks within my mind
It is something that I cannot find
Something now howls for my attention
Is it something of another dimension

Something whispers ever as I sleep
It conjures dreams in which I weep
Something is missing and I seek it so
Is it real oh I fear the answer is no

Something prods at urges once buried
It questions the ideas I once married
Something is disrupting my livelihood
Is it a matter of what if or of could

Something tugs at deadened rot inside
It mumbles musings of fools who tried
Something melds with a world gone sour
Weaving hopelessness into reborn power

Something is burrowed like a splinter
It warns of long and avoidable winter
Something lobbies for one bold action
A small step that is beyond retraction

Something dances in the macabre dark
It reveals the world with but a spark
Someone will decide to allow it to be
Or kill the choice they refuse to see

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