Rally - 2010/11/14

Its just another day or so it seems
A throbbing echoes through the beams
From amidst this cavalcade of chaos
We work to divine some secret sauce
Logic order and reason so discarded
While passion and plans have parted
Leaving hope to merge with impulses
A next step conjured by our guesses

Today we want for a bit more magic
The failure of which would be tragic
Had it not broken many times before
A consequence we so choose to ignore
Then we pray for logical resolution
With no craft to grasp the solution
Blind men working to forge fine clay
Are simply the laughing stocks today

Its just another day I shall choose
To foster an effort or simply cruise
While combined force remains lacking
There lacks real logic in attacking
Entities that can be overcome by all
Yet if they could be rallied by call
Perhaps this slow death by many cuts
Can be reversed by a leader with guts

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