Senile - 2010/11/14

Everybody wants to rule the world
Whether by fairy dust or the sword
Well thats everybody except for me
I only want a simple thing you see
Get off this damn porch and get out
And if your friends just hang about
There is a surprise in my gun rack
It is smooth long loaded and black

Spare me your teenage interpretation
Else youll die over procrastination
Peddle your petty causes elsewhere
I care not how the rest of you fare
Call me a hermit because I just am
A man who simply doesnt give a damn
While the world outside fades away
I will do the same for I hide away

Shed no tears and forget my visage
Nobody makes anymore of my vintage
It's just as well as I am now sour
A malcontent scorned by their power
I huddle in the shadow of the tower
Of many sad truths at which I cower
Stop wasting time get off my porch
Set the world ablaze with one torch

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