Vigilance - 2010/11/08

Blackbird in the sky glides along
Wings flapping to the solemn song
With the sun rising upon the land
As the gods have shown their hand
Blazing ruins lay broken all about
The sad remains of ones with clout

Many miles above the visions clear
Revealing the threats far and near
Yet an eagles vision cannot pierce
Dark selfish hearts guarded fierce
Stare above to the sky as it comes
Ever claiming the remaining crumbs

Harbinger of doom we now damn thee
Embattled by threats we do not see
Watching without while dying within
Misery blossoming as we work to win
Upon bones of serfs empires do form
Within their hearts hell burns warm

Flap thy wings you magnificent bird
Theres nothing to see mark my words
Skyscapes ignored by dwellers below
Even now paradise gives way to snow
Croak once more your storm rolls in
Rest for soon another flight begins

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