We the People - 2010/11/21

I was told this tale as a child
Its so unbelievable and so wild
Divine mandates and genetics say
It is our fate to rule every day
Faceless minions of this a horde
Call great what they march toward
Values for all are values we have
Shared with all via vicious salve

Consequences have made us victims
Yet while we sing these our hymns
Fighting forward rather than back
Pretending all is white and black
Reason and reality simply depart
Left only with what we are a part
Nameless faces are just the cogs
Driving tyranny as they are dogs

Foundations growing ever so weak
By force of the ever growing meek
Temptations and desires fuel rage
Keeping our true potential caged
One day it shall suddenly retreat
Leaving us a new freedom to meet
The world head on so unencumbered
By a myth whose days are numbered

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