MMX - 2010/12/31

Two thousand ten is a year I shall remember
As I reflect on the thirty first of December
The GOP wanted aristocrats to pay less taxes
So they'd have more cash to wipe their asses
Wannabe liberals worked to reform healthcare
By putting more useless insurance out there
An election made clear we enjoy being abused
Yet are too stupid to know we are being used

If you were unemployed you probably are now
There are no new jobs regardless of the DOW
Companies are hoarding money in conditions
That tend to favor mergers and acquisitions
States now verging on the edge of bankruptcy
Are now preparing their federal bailout plea
Food stamps so appreciated shall soon be cut
By arrogant politicians with food in the gut

Dear huddled masses yearning to breathe free
Leave Arizona if you don't have papers for me
Muslims developing a Mosque near ground zero
Beware Christians declaring Glenn Beck a hero
Nevermind the fears of the project are a ruse
As the guy behind it all also funds Fox News
A return of deep fear is complete as we hate
Everything not Christian, White and Straight

Lets not forget there has been some progress
Gays die in war for rights denied by Congress
We are still blowing shit up across the world
As poverty, hunger and pain here are unfurled
Corporatists work hard to push missile defense
It doesn't work and the cost has been intense
While claiming they want to balance the budget
In regards to their projects they say fudge it

A President made history by putting out a hit
On a Muslim American who talked a lot of shit
Indefinite detentions continued ever unabated
As hopes of Gitmo closing became more deflated
Afghanistan held a traditional rigged election
A criminal called Karzai won without detection
The Prime Minister who lost election runs Iraq
Courtesy of freedom we shared with our attacks

So here we are preparing for a brand new year
Looking back at this I cant help but to fear
For it seems we have a tough year lying ahead
I bet it seems great if you are not well read
In light of all this and putting aside my ploy
Let us hope that each other will discover joy
For in a dark dark world we all need a light
If only a candle to get us through the night


Boxed In - 2010/12/29

Boxes abound in groups of seven
Some I dread yet some are heaven
Marking them off marching along
Moving box by box takes so long
Special notes litter this matrix
Each group is now my dominatrix
Driving me hard from box to box
Going insane to a ticking clock

When it comes time for a new page
The world crafts yet another cage
Boxes passed by join the big blur
Most forgotten while some do lure
Marking forward unable to retreat
We are hostages stuck in our seat
Where it goes we shall then abide
Though we may ignore we cant hide

With no more pages we must replace
Full used up books with a new face
Shinier it may be the trap remains
Curse of structure is at the reins
Laugh manically for it shall begin
This cycle we fill that wears thin
Scream if you must till you deafen
At boxes abound in groups of seven


Reflections - 2010/12/24

Tis the eve of a holiday I dread
When nightmares dance in my head
Wooden shoes painted in black ash
Adorn souls backstopped with cash

Blue ice melts as the dream fades
Dark deceptors stalk in the glades
Blades unsheathed scabbards shed
Would be wizards call on the dead

Escape into delirium is but a ruse
As the waking light is just a noose
The feeling fades from a lost touch
Whatever the gain we gave too much

On the sandy shores of a torn mind
Old waves wash up what I will find
Baubles a plenty enticingly glowing
The sky darkens while it is snowing

Blizzards en masse arrive in a blur
Effects of which cause quite a stir
Plans are banished the world reacts
The joy lingers and leaves no tracks

What meanings birth from this verse
Is it my adoration or just my curse
The memories I had I dont want back
As their truth is decidely off track


Crux - 2010/12/22

Sugar plums a plenty march tonight
Carrying arms of ages here and gone
Dream on dream on they cry for you
Not the visions over which you fawn

Harriers coalesce upon our chimneys
Scheming to get what they dont have
If in a stocking some coal remains
Do not spare them our vicious stave

Lists of miles in length spill out
The names listed of no consequence
Victims of sort who are never aware
Of an addiction neutering them hence

So gather round dearest apparitions
Prance and be jolly for all of time
For the viciousness of graciousness
Goes beyond a foolish bit of rhyme

Rest my children for we are coming
Racing through the night so rejoice
For when our presence is unleashed
My minions rewards shall be choice

How smug they are even while utero
Brandished with propaganda we spew
How hateful is it for us to lavish
The moment when reality meets you


Snow Stupid - 2010/12/21

It is coming down in droves
The outside world is shut out
All my lights are flickering
Let me tell you what its about

It is snowing and its a blizzard
Of course I've never seen one
So I wouldn't actually know
Making shit up is half the fun

Christmas is coming again
My hopes for snow hang on a thread
I want a white Christmas so bad
Too bad its a dream in my head

People on TV making up lies
Guess I need to be more specific
Stupid weathermen like apostles
Promising everything terrific

They say it is going to snow
And the lemmings fall in line
Flocking out for stupid crap
Instead of fuel and some wine

Come shopping for supplies
Milk is flying off the shelves
Of course there is no bread
If only we could see ourselves

Stand in line with other morons
Salivating like dogs being beat
Cause no matter how wrong they are
No bridge too far will they meet

Oh no you better listen up


Horoscope - 2010/12/19

Pages of text turning ever so quick
Questions lost with answers provided
Track records be damned so who knows
Great victories are how weve decided
Trite sayings and pompous predictions
Infiltrate lives of measured mystery
What effect such comforting nonsense
Might have had on a hallowed history

Loaded cookies with damp dirty palms
More of the same desperate illusions
Gifted astrologers are selling trash
Building up the starry eyed delusions
Are these the words of a dream lived
Or created by one working for profit
Why cant the victims sense the abuse
Forcing these charlatans to cease it

He who listens may not be victimized
Yet those who examine shall be freed
As beyond the pretense of revelation
Lies us the people in metaphoric need
So let it be known that even without
Joyous paradise like future we desire
Hardly anything is more riveting than
Mystery looming that stokes our fire

The Pugilist - 2010/12/19

You think his weapons are his hands
Yet the war he wages is one of words
He is but one of many nameless faces
With a voice that inspires the herds
Dancing fast he spars back and forth
With hands like a mystical menagerie
His absolute mix of flight and force
Holds a vicious uncaring world at bay

People roared out for their champion
They made many cheers when he arrived
As they were so effortlessly reminded
How to reclaim what had been deprived
Some dare ask is he but a simple man
While consorting in order to destroy
Forgetting that while he might bleed
His persistence trumps any mere ploy

Nevermind he battles out of his pride
And works overtime to chase the glory
Know that with each and every victory
He relays to the cold world our story
So you may freely document his flaws
In an effort to denigrate his legend
Yet this mark he leaves on the world
Wont be either forgotten or lessened


Homemade Sin - 2010/12/17

Dear homemade sin that I try to avoid
Without your temptation life is devoid
Your tasty chills somehow make me hot
Never failing to find my special spot

Cease your devilish assault on my senses
Or else I abandon my moderate pretenses
In full public view I am ready to ravage
Taking all I want like some dirty savage

You look stunning so lets strip you down
As tonight I am going to drink you down
Lets make a mess for I lack real concern
For a sin this deadly I am ready to burn

Make me howl baby regardless of the moon
Bring me more because I am going to croon
Listen to the words I mutter in my sleep
When our time is done I will surely weep

So lets make the best of this one moment
Forgetting all consequence and atonement
Before you slip away through my fingers
I lick my lips for a taste that lingers

Let them judge as I will pay their price
I will see their bet and raise this vice
For one simple taste is all it does take
To break down a man and his pride unmake

The lights are brightening a bit too soon
With a closing chorus that spells our doom
In this final breath we dutifully deposit
Payment to who brings this tasty composite


Drone - 2010/12/15

My feet are not moving
Yet ahead I am marching
Gliding along this path
That is not overarching
Peaceful silence resides
Amidst the bedlam around
Many commands now stream
Yet I dont hear a sound

Fixated upon this path
By forces quite unknown
My will is not a factor
When I am thinking alone
Choices come and they go
Weary intentions waylaid
By those only concerned
With just getting paid

Opportunities blaze by
Beckoning me to abscond
Yet for now I cant leave
As curiosity is my bond
Like wisps of needed air
My lungs fight to inhale
This battle I will watch
Even if it means I fail


Blockhead - 2010/12/14

I've heard your words
Describing what you want
If you wielded any talent
You'd be an idiot savant

Your plans are scrawled
On soiled toilet paper
The fact you have a job
Is the great unsolved caper

You are clearly dreaming
Of an impossible future
Can the hole in your head
Be closed with a suture?

Your mouth spews sewage
That makes me want to gag
I want to drink nonstop
Cause the deals in the bag

When we converse I review
My first amendment rights
Cause I got a wicked urge
To read you your last rites

Your coworkers shrink away
As they value their time
Everlasting life with you
Ain't worth a goddamn dime

Now before you respond
Please engage your brain
Just give it some oxygen
And you'll share my pain


Revenant - 2010/12/12

Mists of mysterium spreading fast
Now obscuring anything to be seen
Wave I may though it still gathers
Altering any vision I once claimed
Forward I stumble simply in a daze
Simply bereft of any foreknowledge
Of what now lies ahead and beyond
A tale of the intruder in my head

Wickedly decisive he never yields
Culling all sense with his scythe
His object I cannot claim to know
For if I had it I would exchange
Pillars tumbling into black abyss
For that ever vague peace of mind
Infused at birth and ever waning
Unraveled as I pull on the thread

Tapestries flow even as they flap
Injecting life into the dead past
Spewing shocks that sizzle spines
Of those long ago buried and lost
Painful pipe dreams of patriarchs
Reach not across times empty void
Allowing oblivion to plant a seed
That sprouts disturbance I dread


Ebb and Flow - 2010/12/09

Waxy wick burning at both ends
Two enthralling sparks advance
What will emerge when they meet
A final whimper or a raging cry
Steady candle so life is fading
Even as your flame burns bright
What will we see when it expires
Darkness or newfound inspiration

A slithering in the pitch black
Everlasting in a quest to devour
Will its rattle dare soon break
A spotless silence which I enjoy
Little mouse scurry as you shall
Find the hole where you will hide
Will your fear prove to be enough
For you to escape your liberation

Super nova streaming white light
Everything blinds by your power
Why oh why did you not just warn
These poor battered eyes of mine
Foolish man whos still cringing
Opportunity beckons you to move
Why oh why do you stay so inert
As you slowly die of stagnation


Defection - 2010/12/06

There I am strutting down the path
Knowing that everything is in hand
With the journey having so started
My war escalates with mad flourish
So immersed am I that I do not see
Slinky seersuckers plotting change
Amidst high and mighty predictions
Of unexplained rewards awaiting us

My path no longer remains the same
As in a blink of an eye it mutates
It is something altogether foreign
Now fighting to birth a nasty rout
Back to this familiar grind I know
Spinning wheels for no real reason
Wipe away dust and evolve the mess
The same old shit so why make fuss

Into the chop time for me to glide
As another turbulent is closing in
What unexpected changes will I see
When their wind suddenly redirects
If live by the adamant words today
I will suffer with change tomorrow
Though if I choose to disregard it
Nothing I dream remains to discuss


Reed - 2010/12/04

Dearest green reed please stand fast
Do not fear wind threatening to blow
You have risen above on the pedestal
Of proclamation we saw fit to bestow
Never you mind all the fearful gusts
They are but more idle angry threats
Mend your mind to ignore the goading
Of them doubling down on their debts

Words remind us of actions rejected
So let not theirs change your course
Lest their future fate becomes yours
Through power that denies its source
I see you bending my friend the reed
Such action troubles us so very much
For if you break we will surely mourn
A loss of strength rather than touch

Some dismal mornings I dare to wonder
Why did you depart my dearest friend
Are these more rotting remains there
Of your fatal attempt to over extend
So the winds howl without you around
Leaving all our hopes dead or broken
Why did you lay down against a force
Fighting only to see you soon broken

Amalgamator - 2010/12/04

Hot on the trail I leave behind
Where I lead they surely follow
All the while scattering crumbs
Of truth they refuse to swallow
Secrets once kept soon revealed
At the behest of ones encumbered
Owners fight to promote silence
Knowing their days are numbered

Call me terrorist if you do dare
For lives of all remain untouched
Though a truth so far transparent
Destabilizes control once clutched
Privacy slain for power reclaimed
Irony forgotten in a flagellation
The essence of which now threatens
Freedom within our dying creation

Come one come all this is the word
Legitimized daily by what you know
Its location and method may change
But the unfiltered truth will flow
Indulge in the saucerful of secrets
Even though they havent prescribed
As they cannot wipe the slate clean
Of inconvenient truths weve imbibed


Schadenfreude - 2010/12/02

Jokers in garb I want to seize
Fuckers always look so pleased
There they go just laughing up
Over tragedy starting to erupt

Dig it they live like our kings
Cruising in Bentleys with bling
More is their name for the game
Their promises more of the same

So when they pass on the street
I lust over achieving this feat
Jacking em up by their fat lips
Eat asphalt oops I lost my grip

Lookie here at the nice slugger
Time to beat you like my mugger
He wanted my cash just like you
Boy this is a grab you will rue

Your busted ass is curb stomped
Since youre dying Ill be prompt
The persistent unsatiated greed
Irrespective of all others need

Is why were now seeking you out
So we can spread your DNA about
Our lives encourage us to share
Pain you inflicted without care

Would you like me get some help
Too bad cause I cant damn whelp
You cut your taxes goddamn snob
And put our police out of a job

EMTs are panhandling over there
My kids sell meth in the square
But as long as the Fed will pay
You shant mend your wicked ways

I should leave its time you die
Choking on air in my poison sky
So remember there is no contest
For you are with the distressed