Amalgamator - 2010/12/04

Hot on the trail I leave behind
Where I lead they surely follow
All the while scattering crumbs
Of truth they refuse to swallow
Secrets once kept soon revealed
At the behest of ones encumbered
Owners fight to promote silence
Knowing their days are numbered

Call me terrorist if you do dare
For lives of all remain untouched
Though a truth so far transparent
Destabilizes control once clutched
Privacy slain for power reclaimed
Irony forgotten in a flagellation
The essence of which now threatens
Freedom within our dying creation

Come one come all this is the word
Legitimized daily by what you know
Its location and method may change
But the unfiltered truth will flow
Indulge in the saucerful of secrets
Even though they havent prescribed
As they cannot wipe the slate clean
Of inconvenient truths weve imbibed

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