Blockhead - 2010/12/14

I've heard your words
Describing what you want
If you wielded any talent
You'd be an idiot savant

Your plans are scrawled
On soiled toilet paper
The fact you have a job
Is the great unsolved caper

You are clearly dreaming
Of an impossible future
Can the hole in your head
Be closed with a suture?

Your mouth spews sewage
That makes me want to gag
I want to drink nonstop
Cause the deals in the bag

When we converse I review
My first amendment rights
Cause I got a wicked urge
To read you your last rites

Your coworkers shrink away
As they value their time
Everlasting life with you
Ain't worth a goddamn dime

Now before you respond
Please engage your brain
Just give it some oxygen
And you'll share my pain

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