Boxed In - 2010/12/29

Boxes abound in groups of seven
Some I dread yet some are heaven
Marking them off marching along
Moving box by box takes so long
Special notes litter this matrix
Each group is now my dominatrix
Driving me hard from box to box
Going insane to a ticking clock

When it comes time for a new page
The world crafts yet another cage
Boxes passed by join the big blur
Most forgotten while some do lure
Marking forward unable to retreat
We are hostages stuck in our seat
Where it goes we shall then abide
Though we may ignore we cant hide

With no more pages we must replace
Full used up books with a new face
Shinier it may be the trap remains
Curse of structure is at the reins
Laugh manically for it shall begin
This cycle we fill that wears thin
Scream if you must till you deafen
At boxes abound in groups of seven

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