Crux - 2010/12/22

Sugar plums a plenty march tonight
Carrying arms of ages here and gone
Dream on dream on they cry for you
Not the visions over which you fawn

Harriers coalesce upon our chimneys
Scheming to get what they dont have
If in a stocking some coal remains
Do not spare them our vicious stave

Lists of miles in length spill out
The names listed of no consequence
Victims of sort who are never aware
Of an addiction neutering them hence

So gather round dearest apparitions
Prance and be jolly for all of time
For the viciousness of graciousness
Goes beyond a foolish bit of rhyme

Rest my children for we are coming
Racing through the night so rejoice
For when our presence is unleashed
My minions rewards shall be choice

How smug they are even while utero
Brandished with propaganda we spew
How hateful is it for us to lavish
The moment when reality meets you

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