Defection - 2010/12/06

There I am strutting down the path
Knowing that everything is in hand
With the journey having so started
My war escalates with mad flourish
So immersed am I that I do not see
Slinky seersuckers plotting change
Amidst high and mighty predictions
Of unexplained rewards awaiting us

My path no longer remains the same
As in a blink of an eye it mutates
It is something altogether foreign
Now fighting to birth a nasty rout
Back to this familiar grind I know
Spinning wheels for no real reason
Wipe away dust and evolve the mess
The same old shit so why make fuss

Into the chop time for me to glide
As another turbulent is closing in
What unexpected changes will I see
When their wind suddenly redirects
If live by the adamant words today
I will suffer with change tomorrow
Though if I choose to disregard it
Nothing I dream remains to discuss

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