Ebb and Flow - 2010/12/09

Waxy wick burning at both ends
Two enthralling sparks advance
What will emerge when they meet
A final whimper or a raging cry
Steady candle so life is fading
Even as your flame burns bright
What will we see when it expires
Darkness or newfound inspiration

A slithering in the pitch black
Everlasting in a quest to devour
Will its rattle dare soon break
A spotless silence which I enjoy
Little mouse scurry as you shall
Find the hole where you will hide
Will your fear prove to be enough
For you to escape your liberation

Super nova streaming white light
Everything blinds by your power
Why oh why did you not just warn
These poor battered eyes of mine
Foolish man whos still cringing
Opportunity beckons you to move
Why oh why do you stay so inert
As you slowly die of stagnation

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