Homemade Sin - 2010/12/17

Dear homemade sin that I try to avoid
Without your temptation life is devoid
Your tasty chills somehow make me hot
Never failing to find my special spot

Cease your devilish assault on my senses
Or else I abandon my moderate pretenses
In full public view I am ready to ravage
Taking all I want like some dirty savage

You look stunning so lets strip you down
As tonight I am going to drink you down
Lets make a mess for I lack real concern
For a sin this deadly I am ready to burn

Make me howl baby regardless of the moon
Bring me more because I am going to croon
Listen to the words I mutter in my sleep
When our time is done I will surely weep

So lets make the best of this one moment
Forgetting all consequence and atonement
Before you slip away through my fingers
I lick my lips for a taste that lingers

Let them judge as I will pay their price
I will see their bet and raise this vice
For one simple taste is all it does take
To break down a man and his pride unmake

The lights are brightening a bit too soon
With a closing chorus that spells our doom
In this final breath we dutifully deposit
Payment to who brings this tasty composite

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