Horoscope - 2010/12/19

Pages of text turning ever so quick
Questions lost with answers provided
Track records be damned so who knows
Great victories are how weve decided
Trite sayings and pompous predictions
Infiltrate lives of measured mystery
What effect such comforting nonsense
Might have had on a hallowed history

Loaded cookies with damp dirty palms
More of the same desperate illusions
Gifted astrologers are selling trash
Building up the starry eyed delusions
Are these the words of a dream lived
Or created by one working for profit
Why cant the victims sense the abuse
Forcing these charlatans to cease it

He who listens may not be victimized
Yet those who examine shall be freed
As beyond the pretense of revelation
Lies us the people in metaphoric need
So let it be known that even without
Joyous paradise like future we desire
Hardly anything is more riveting than
Mystery looming that stokes our fire

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