MMX - 2010/12/31

Two thousand ten is a year I shall remember
As I reflect on the thirty first of December
The GOP wanted aristocrats to pay less taxes
So they'd have more cash to wipe their asses
Wannabe liberals worked to reform healthcare
By putting more useless insurance out there
An election made clear we enjoy being abused
Yet are too stupid to know we are being used

If you were unemployed you probably are now
There are no new jobs regardless of the DOW
Companies are hoarding money in conditions
That tend to favor mergers and acquisitions
States now verging on the edge of bankruptcy
Are now preparing their federal bailout plea
Food stamps so appreciated shall soon be cut
By arrogant politicians with food in the gut

Dear huddled masses yearning to breathe free
Leave Arizona if you don't have papers for me
Muslims developing a Mosque near ground zero
Beware Christians declaring Glenn Beck a hero
Nevermind the fears of the project are a ruse
As the guy behind it all also funds Fox News
A return of deep fear is complete as we hate
Everything not Christian, White and Straight

Lets not forget there has been some progress
Gays die in war for rights denied by Congress
We are still blowing shit up across the world
As poverty, hunger and pain here are unfurled
Corporatists work hard to push missile defense
It doesn't work and the cost has been intense
While claiming they want to balance the budget
In regards to their projects they say fudge it

A President made history by putting out a hit
On a Muslim American who talked a lot of shit
Indefinite detentions continued ever unabated
As hopes of Gitmo closing became more deflated
Afghanistan held a traditional rigged election
A criminal called Karzai won without detection
The Prime Minister who lost election runs Iraq
Courtesy of freedom we shared with our attacks

So here we are preparing for a brand new year
Looking back at this I cant help but to fear
For it seems we have a tough year lying ahead
I bet it seems great if you are not well read
In light of all this and putting aside my ploy
Let us hope that each other will discover joy
For in a dark dark world we all need a light
If only a candle to get us through the night

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