Reed - 2010/12/04

Dearest green reed please stand fast
Do not fear wind threatening to blow
You have risen above on the pedestal
Of proclamation we saw fit to bestow
Never you mind all the fearful gusts
They are but more idle angry threats
Mend your mind to ignore the goading
Of them doubling down on their debts

Words remind us of actions rejected
So let not theirs change your course
Lest their future fate becomes yours
Through power that denies its source
I see you bending my friend the reed
Such action troubles us so very much
For if you break we will surely mourn
A loss of strength rather than touch

Some dismal mornings I dare to wonder
Why did you depart my dearest friend
Are these more rotting remains there
Of your fatal attempt to over extend
So the winds howl without you around
Leaving all our hopes dead or broken
Why did you lay down against a force
Fighting only to see you soon broken

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