Reflections - 2010/12/24

Tis the eve of a holiday I dread
When nightmares dance in my head
Wooden shoes painted in black ash
Adorn souls backstopped with cash

Blue ice melts as the dream fades
Dark deceptors stalk in the glades
Blades unsheathed scabbards shed
Would be wizards call on the dead

Escape into delirium is but a ruse
As the waking light is just a noose
The feeling fades from a lost touch
Whatever the gain we gave too much

On the sandy shores of a torn mind
Old waves wash up what I will find
Baubles a plenty enticingly glowing
The sky darkens while it is snowing

Blizzards en masse arrive in a blur
Effects of which cause quite a stir
Plans are banished the world reacts
The joy lingers and leaves no tracks

What meanings birth from this verse
Is it my adoration or just my curse
The memories I had I dont want back
As their truth is decidely off track

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