Revenant - 2010/12/12

Mists of mysterium spreading fast
Now obscuring anything to be seen
Wave I may though it still gathers
Altering any vision I once claimed
Forward I stumble simply in a daze
Simply bereft of any foreknowledge
Of what now lies ahead and beyond
A tale of the intruder in my head

Wickedly decisive he never yields
Culling all sense with his scythe
His object I cannot claim to know
For if I had it I would exchange
Pillars tumbling into black abyss
For that ever vague peace of mind
Infused at birth and ever waning
Unraveled as I pull on the thread

Tapestries flow even as they flap
Injecting life into the dead past
Spewing shocks that sizzle spines
Of those long ago buried and lost
Painful pipe dreams of patriarchs
Reach not across times empty void
Allowing oblivion to plant a seed
That sprouts disturbance I dread

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