Schadenfreude - 2010/12/02

Jokers in garb I want to seize
Fuckers always look so pleased
There they go just laughing up
Over tragedy starting to erupt

Dig it they live like our kings
Cruising in Bentleys with bling
More is their name for the game
Their promises more of the same

So when they pass on the street
I lust over achieving this feat
Jacking em up by their fat lips
Eat asphalt oops I lost my grip

Lookie here at the nice slugger
Time to beat you like my mugger
He wanted my cash just like you
Boy this is a grab you will rue

Your busted ass is curb stomped
Since youre dying Ill be prompt
The persistent unsatiated greed
Irrespective of all others need

Is why were now seeking you out
So we can spread your DNA about
Our lives encourage us to share
Pain you inflicted without care

Would you like me get some help
Too bad cause I cant damn whelp
You cut your taxes goddamn snob
And put our police out of a job

EMTs are panhandling over there
My kids sell meth in the square
But as long as the Fed will pay
You shant mend your wicked ways

I should leave its time you die
Choking on air in my poison sky
So remember there is no contest
For you are with the distressed

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