MMXI - 2011/12/29

If you were to ask I would say in 2011
True Samaritans finally reached heaven
Leaving behind sheep without a shepard
Who found that no rapture had occurred
Even the luck of Tebow could not match
The reality that his team cannot catch
For the miracles of magic tumbled fast
Before false prophets that cannot last

Now in the background as a battle ended
Troops amassed for another how splendid
Obama managed to clip the citizen cleric
Who threatened our grasp on oil derricks
Politicians ruled and plugged their ears
Conquering Earth by preying on its fears
Together all fought to revoke the rights
For which ancestors died on harsh nights

Many dictators tumbled like old dominoes
Replaced by protégés nobody really chose
As many institutions of the first world
Sought to ignore a new reality unfurled
Central banks ramped up printing presses
Parading the debtors as PIIGS in dresses
Politicians manufactured numbers outright
Lying to our face and crying out of sight

This year estates shunned responsibility
To preserve their power against futility
Holding debates devoid of real reasoning
Ignorance heralded is a rancid seasoning
Mouths were moving but brains were still
Evidently denying all of reality at will
People voting was the subject of chatter
Unconcerned that this no longer mattered

Next year the Mayans claimed destruction
Yet this is only our lie in reproduction
Hope for the future comes with dire cost
Only if you account for all we have lost
Heavy hearts and clasped hands in prayer
Are rituals that shall not stop a slayer
So what do I cling to that might outlast
The vision that soon this too shall pass


My Poet, My Love - 2011/12/16

I kept it close to the chest
Afraid to relinquish it outright
To those that engaged in tactics
That in no way could be right

She spun tales on the television
A lovely woman by my description
For she sought to reveal lost art
To fellows blinded by inscription

Each and every word is a transfer
Of emotion I decided not to share
Strangely it makes no difference
Whether or not you actually care

Centuries dead we may in fact be
Our words carry through the ages
Whether on novel pages or by notes
It shall live on outside our cages

This not the act of the narcissist
For this talent is for the paupers
It is the burden I no longer carry
Bringing a peace everybody prefers

This is a night of smoke and drink
Bringing the always heavy solitude
Within I am ready to sit and think
If you agree do not let me intrude


Rebirth - 2011/12/14

Wisps of treacherous flames
Glimmer in those weary eyes
Interest is the fresh matrix
From which fresh ideas arise
So inside the blizzard rages
Battling only to extinguish
The idea which shall deliver
Hope that transcends english

Chords of a symphony chime
Freeing my ears from a cage
That sought to deny license
To proceed to the next page
It infected the water I drank
Which contaminated air around
Forcing my soul to the brink
Of death without even a sound

Today I celebrate the freedom
Found in something beyond new
When one realizes there are
People alive who have a clue
This is the tale I shall tell
To the ones I stranded behind
As they cannot follow me now
As they are trapped and blind


Twilight - 2011/12/05

It was on that freezing floor
Of stone not quite yet rubble
That the thoughts I now share
Formed to alert me of trouble
What was once a great paradise
Is now entering the dark night
But prior to be being released
It must endure a long twilight

Even now I recall those roses
Lounging in the luxurious sun
Long after they were trampled
I find their loss still stuns
They cannot grow in the black
Forced to feign their retreat
From which I pray they return
Even if only after our defeat

It was on that freezing floor
I reclaimed my love for flora
Coming to terms with the fact
That I would never see aurora
Yet for a brief time I basked
In the aura of something good
Which I considered while drug
To my death in the black hood


Together Forever - 2011/11/21

I deflect when I am spoken to
Droning endlessly when pressed
And accomplish nothing of note
Angry that nobody is impressed

I point my fingers in a fashion
Leaving you to doubt my sanity
Know the army of campaign signs
Shall restore my sense of vanity

I hate you and your great power
Yet I love that you never use it
For as long as we remain in power
We tirelessly fight to abuse it

I pretend to debate these issues
With arguments of illogical tripe
While selling out your interests
For a lifetime at the crack pipe

I will damn your children to hell
While I mourn the great sacrifice
For one day there shall be no men
And all will see the fate of mice

I of course do not actually care
As I am likely too stupid to see
Or better yet I might be prepared
For the world built by you and me


Muted Murmurs - 2011/10/25

"Let there be light," and so there was. Not through any provable concept but only because. A pounding headache accompanied that morning amongst the forest birds chirping. If only to distract from the wild nightmares they are now usurping.

Day became night and the night became a blur. Throughout the commotion not a single inner demon could stir. Yet no matter how exquisitely planned, time always ran out. Dragging any temporary solace into an all around rout.

A great stench proceeds the coming of the mile long disgusting vanguard. When onlookers from many far off places sense it, they instinctively know the future will be hard. Yet for the indigenous population it is a joke in which they are not the fool. So they point, laugh and mock only memorializing the fact they are obtuse as well as cruel.

Fantastic tales procreate nonstop filling invisible airwaves. From space, the seas and even as far back as the caves. Much like their targeted fan bases, they come and they go. Can one exist without the other, chances are nobody will ever know.


Belligerent Thinker - 2011/10/23

When the flickering fluorescent light overhead allows, scrawls on a spoiled bathroom wall draw my eye. That scribble tells of a time when the author was happy and high. I wonder if he ever stopped and wondered, why why why?

The glare of red lights blind me for what looks to be at least ten miles ahead. There are no honking horns or screams of anger but we all know what is floating in everybodies head.  I wonder whether this is due to a fender bender, morbid curiousity or is some poor soul dead?

The smoldering ruins of a once great edifice simmer there on display. Its purpose has been served and it is now being forced to make way. I wonder is this the fate that we all shall suffer one day?

The speeches of many have ceased to make nary a difference in my mind. For in their streams of weasel words there is no nugget of truth for me to find. I wonder then why do I choose to allow then to direct my existence as they are so obviously blind?

Therein lies the plight of the one whose eyes are wired so wide open. He spends his life expecting only the worst yet deep down he is still secretly hoping. I know that if he is right, the world will have a terrible time when it comes to coping.


Living the Dream - 2011/10/21

I gunned down my good friend today. Don't even bother I already know what you are going to say. I have no excuse that you will tolerate. Therefore I am content to simply absorb your hate. Thank goodness it was not actually real. Dying in video games is a pain nobody can feel.

I broke into a facility and stole classified information. All of it was far beyond my station. I lied, cheated, snuck and slithered my way inside. Truth be told it was quite the ride. Did I mention that I died fifty thousand times? I just reload when I am punished for my crimes.

I oversaw the extinction of many indigenous species. To deny it would only add to the feces. I single handedly eradicated them with a blade, that I just yesterday sat down and made. Did I mention that I gained many levels? Just a few more and I will murder all the other devils.

I pooled the money of suckers and blew it on a stupid bet. When it went bad I just let everybody else pay my debt. My lifestyle of excess was not disturbed and I in no way care that you are perturbed. My actions have caused your life to fall apart, yet the fact I am living the dream is the best part!


Occupied - 2011/10/16

Spit on me dear patriot if you must. In this broken system I cannot put my trust. Why has the bridge across troubled waters collapsed, even after so much change has elapsed? If there ever was list on which we are number one; it is the list of those over, out and done.

Follow in the footsteps of those who have come before. Never mind what the immediate future has in store. Rise to the top on promises of a better world, built on lies and hopes that are hopelessly swirled. Convince most of them you may very well, while a handful of realists realize it is a product to sell.

That was the spark that ignited a wide swath of flame. It is raging and will soon be impossible to tame. They march with signs in their hands and a pittance of hope on their sleeves, in a final attempt to escape the web many still weave. Arrest them if you must, but your facilities shall not hold. For these people are the vanguard of the ever burgeoning bold.

They shall devour the world for their time has arrived. In which we are ridiculed by those who have survived. The foundations of our great edifices now smolder; courtesy of the peasants we gave a cold shoulder. Let me assure you it was a wicked world but they found hope, while the architects of the debasement swung from a rope.


Deadbeat 101 - 2011/10/14

Have you ever wondered how to be a deadbeat? If yes I know somebody you ought to meet. He solicits your services and then dangles payment leaving you to become his next angry claimant. Like a stranger luring children with candy, he believes this situation is fine and dandy.

I sent the man a bill for services rendered. I received the typical result such efforts engendered. He ignored the bill knowing what would ensue, once thirty days had passed and it became past due. When the deadline came and absconded it was then that I again corresponded.

His response was fiery and full of hurt. He did not care for the leverage I was threatening to exert. He claimed that stopping all work was hurting everybody involved. You can imagine how the conversation further devolved. Needless to say he promised to pay the following week. Never ever trust the words of a known sneak.

The following week came by, waved hello and then departed. The lack of a check brought us to a place uncharted. I sent a letter which indicated my intention to sever, all ties with the deadbeat now and forever. A few days passed and there was absolutely no reply. Only after that did things go even more awry.

I received a note indicating my check was just sent overnight along with a load of crap explaining the massive oversight. The deadbeat also decided that he wanted me on a retainer. So there would be a second check in the container. Both checks arrived and to my great surprise, he became an even bigger douche bag in my eyes.

The first check was fine and everything checked out. The next one however is what this composition is about. You see it wasn't enough to just send the check along for future work.  No this cheap skate moron decided to be a massive jerk. On the stub in big sloppy script, was the note he left over which I flipped.

The implication was that I would take the money and run. As if it was my lack of ethics over which this disagreement had begun. So that is why I decided to put that check to great use. You see, I might have used it to wipe my smelly caboose. It goes without saying that it shall be returned.  For that is the wrath of the vendor the deadbeat has spurned.


Broken Record - 2011/10/13

It appears to be that time again. You know, the time where you annoy me yet again? Congratulations you have managed to find the excuse, to shove your holy rolling crap right up my caboose.

I am not going to lie to you today. Instead I am going to say what I have always wanted to say. If you want to preach, you better find another dupe.  Because I have had enough of your neverending poop.

Of course you are not the only one. Some knock on the door and let me have some fun. But you are afraid to address it head on, instead  choosing to debate the topic when I am gone.

I of course have tried to engage you like an adult. Sadly your maturity is locked away in a vault. So the time has come to respond much like a child, whom you have beaten and driven extremely wild.

Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up. I am absolutely beyond fed up.  Your words are devoid of any real impact. So please zip your lip and show a bit of tact!


Wakey Wakey - 2011/10/11

Sweat beads manifest obscuring the fever in my veins. The party is just getting started while lethargy hobbles my brains.  Spiraling lights percolate blurry darkening visions. Others try to rouse me with targeted verbal incisions. Their voices are muted originating from another world.  They cannot nor shall they interrupt the insanity I have unfurled.

My time in a sick mind races toward an untimely end. The residents have lined up only too willing to defend. Between their pulling and your tugging, I return to reality ready for my mugging. Yet all I want to do is turn around and go back. Damn you real world and your non stop attack.

Later after time resumes its typical advance, do I dare to take a moment and steal a precious glance. While the fantastic splendor is all but decimated, I find the fever that spawned it has now abated. No words or comments are required for me to understand. This is the work of life and its ever miserable hand.


He of Many Faces - 2011/10/08

I am your liar and your bastard
I am whatever you wish me to be
I am here to fill the cold void
With deep seated ridicule of me

I am a target affixed to a door
I am the salesman for the darts
I am a bullseye you always miss
Why you must break it all apart

I am the one failing to explain
I am the cruel laughter arising
I am with minorities that haunt
Those who could be enterprising

I am the whet stone calling out
I am an instrument of precision
I am a change you silently seek
You need only to own a decision

I am an unlit and unmapped path
I am a harbinger of tough times
I am one now unable to convince
So I have resorted to my rhymes

I am an insanity seeking a cure
I am truly a man dying each day
I am desperate to share a piece
I am an asshole but call me jay

Too Bad So Sad - 2011/10/08

Those eyes are quite weary
Struggling to remain open
A mind is begging for rest
As it is weary from hoping
Voices reach out from afar
Begging for reconsideration
Only to turn quite vicious
When provided the causation

Watch the dutch door action
As all sides end up screwed
Nobody here plays the hero
So they should all be booed
Both shall leave believing
Their side was truly right
It is doubtful either side
Will learn from their fight

So long thanks for the cash
We appreciated all your work
Well dont screw the next guy
Fuck off you bull head jerk
This is the wheel that turns
Round and round so very slow
Fueled by force of ego alone
Shall it stop we do not know


Ball Busting Bandit - 2011/10/05

He drives a big rig truck
Cause matchbox cars suck
He overuses his loud horn
When he feels sedan scorn
Yes sir he is the trucker
His road aint for suckers
Hes shifting to fifth gear
Just to fill you with fear

Better stay outta his way
As he might ram you today
Dont worry we are all chaps
Hes got naked lady mudflaps
When he stops late at night
He has a drink and a light
Before he heads off to bed
Dreams of home in his head


American Die - 2011/10/04

A long long time ago
I can still remember
How money made me smile

Fast forward onto today
Some dream of a hot meal
Cause it has been awhile

I took my wallet to my bank
But their funds had run dry
The bank tellers were there
Sipping on whiskey and rye
Singing today the banks die

All about infrastructure fell
Toxic dust assaulted my lungs
We were murdering terrorists
While loons spoke in tongues
Unable to grab the last rungs

Some voted for talking clowns
Others marched asking for hope
Many simply tried to ignore it
Only to play the role of dope
Swinging from the bloody rope

Those in power argued illusion
Simply rearranging deck chairs
As the ship sunk beneath waves
People turned to petty prayers
Though the fate was all theirs

I took my thoughts to voice
But every brain had run dry
The politicians were there
Choking on whiskey and rye
I turned leaving them to die

A long long time ago
I can still remember
Living somewhere great

Fast forward onto today
I dream of another place
That reality can tolerate


Hee Haw Huh - 2011/10/03

There once was a man
Who had a grand plan
It glittered like gold
Just a few years later
He was a bitter hater
As he was not too bold

There once was a lady
Born in good ole 1980
Who despised her aging
Rushing place to place
Left lines on her face
Over which she is raging

There once was a people
Enslaved by the steeple
With their Gods diverse
They worshiped all sorts
Money beauty and sports
Hell was their universe

There once was a box
Hung in place of clocks
Entrancing all passerby
Time and opportunity died
Many civilizations cried
Never did they wonder why

There once was a poet
Who I wanted to stow it
Yet he would not shut up
We all ignored his words
The growing army of turds
Yet we could not disrupt


Meet Erysichthon - 2011/10/01

High squeals of the pigs echo
While taking them from behind
Whether through choice or not
All they deserve they so find
Here downwind I also smell it
A dismal stench of nasty fear
They will come to get me soon
Though why is not fully clear

Seated around a banquet table
Our hosts serving seared pork
They raise their glasses high
Toasting a victim on the fork
Blood drips from their snouts
As oinks of glee fill the air
We feast upon the dying flesh
Our family but we do not care

Shall I throw this fork aside
Refusing to partake in a game
In which players are devoured
No matter why to die the same
Or shall I ignore the obvious
As I chew flesh of my brother
Toasting to our eternal lives
We who cannibalize each other


I, Parasite - 2011/09/29

This morning I awoke
With the urge to go and pray
But since I am a greedy fuck
I am just gonna rob ya today

I will not use a gun
Nor will I threaten your life
But I will take all you have
To starve your kids and wife

I am certainly not evil
I have not broken any laws
I got a right to all the cash
I can hold in my greasy paws

You say people are dying
I wonder why I should care
Cause I cannot make a profit
Helping all you peasants there

Sure we have the resources
To save everybody with needs
But why would I want to invest
In my soul by doing good deeds

One day I shall have it all
Even if I die my kids continue
To follow my lead down a path
At the end of which we own you


Perspective Vortex - 2011/09/26

Sometime soon in the year 2525
Gods will see our classic jive
Course by then we will be dead
Regardless of whatever is said
Maybe verse shall be preserved
Though it will not be deserved
By this hand it shall not last
Easily forgotten it fades fast

Tomorrow is the new anachronism
Ignoring it now avoids a schism
Split asunder with my confusion
We wish to indulge in seclusion
How do we bother to give a damn
When the eternal life is a sham
Tomorrow may very well not come
Might as well make time for fun

What pray tell is the moral here
I lack an answer to share I fear
For my confusion runs quite deep
Into my daily life it shall seep
Will our childrens children stay
Alive for the third millenia day
I believe that this answer is no
Though does it even matter if so


Ye Olde Filthy Mind - 2011/09/25

You wield the mile long stare
Even as I pretend not to care
Your vacant eyes have no hope
For you are just a wimpy dope
You cried so hard when I said
Find your mom and share a bed

Come one come all to the meet
We have much room grab a seat
Our state has problems indeed
So on our knees we will plead
All who disagree have no heart
I the executioner play my part

There was that man from Butts
Over whom everybody went nuts
Even as there was great doubt
Nobody wished to expend clout
So on the night Georgia willed
His precious blood was spilled

On all the roads I drive slow
As quick as the moped will go
The people show their fingers
Or scream out obscene zingers
I am Dewey I lack a real name
Drive tanked you get the same


To Hell Mr Jones - 2011/09/22

Panes of glass shatter
You hope for a ricochet
Instead you get a splatter

It has not happened yet
Gravity maintains control
Sell sell sell when upset

Look at the smoking crater
A fissure many leagues deep
Spelunkers are the traitors

A single tear breaks free
Tumbling into dark depths
Beyond where eyes can see

Is it ever going to return
Or is it eternally trapped
In minds which never learn


Radio Flyer - 2011/09/21

My memory coated in nostalgia
Occupies a spot in the corner
With nightmares of the future
Beckoning throngs of mourners

Obviously soon to be replaced
Despite being a true survivor
Once a catalyst for adventure
Awaiting that ultimate driver

So then one day it disappears
By ways we were not proposing
Confirming the unspoken fears
That the great era is closing

Cry for that dear radio flyer
For it has just passed beyond
Never to return even to visit
As another day has now dawned

As a deep gentle voice speaks
Echoes of that the final word
Touch anybody who still seeks
Truth in aged visions blurred


Homogeneous - 2011/09/18

Words of the figureheads
Are heard over many miles
The lies contained within
Contradict facts in files
You know this matters not
As we thrive on delusion
We pick our favorite liar
Using our chosen illusion

They weave the tapestries
We teach babies to revere
While recording the tales
Born of ignorance and fear
We pry the ears wide open
Yet the minds remain shut
Ever the lemmings marching
Yet unable to make the cut

No matter the color we don
We strive for a conformity
Rendering all the thinkers
The newly despised minority
In the world of information
Ignorance is now a currency
Which is spent on a fantasy
Awash in our poison chablis


Eyes of Glass - 2011/09/14

The wankers came
They hit us hard
They rule us now
We are fucktards

The booze flowed
So we got smashed
Laughing it up
As others clashed

The drugs shipped
Everybody got high
Are there raindrops
Or tears in the sky

Supplies diminished
We opened our eyes
Finally sober enough
To point out the lies

Here in a dingy room
Shitty stained walls
The stench was truth
Listening took balls

It is time to sleep
In a moth eaten bed
Or to burn it clean
With hands and head


A Sorry Song - 2011/09/12

She wanted a solace I did not provide
Angry because I left her empty inside

She reached out looking for some hope
Instead she called and found this dope

She clammed up thus returning my favor
The taste of loneliness we do not savor

So here I sit wanting to bridge the gap
Unable to explain beyond a childish rap

She has every right to share her wrath
It was my mouth that set us on this path

She will not speak though I long for it
My heart howls a regret I cannot transmit


Blood Debt - 2011/09/11

One very dreary day
They strolled into a home
Burned it to the ground
Murdering everyone around

A few days later
Me and others struck back
With the rifles and knives
We murdered kids and wives

Months beyond that
The battle lines were drawn
And two cities then clashed
Leaving hopes of peace dashed

Many years crawled by
The war slowly spreading
Legions of dead were burned
The living were unconcerned

We bear a great debt
That we fight daily to repay
Spilling blood to fill a hole
Sense of which we do not extol

So here we are today
Fighting on many fronts
Lacking any real reason why
Except ours is to do and die


Decade Wasted - 2011/09/10

It was a time about ten years ago
That those trade centers you know
Became dust from whence they came
After which life was not the same

Our airports are full of security
Still the underwear bomber got in
New York city has raised its army
While bombs are left now and then

If they are indeed the terrorists
Then it stands to reason they won
As we are living in absolute fear
Behind the barrels of a hired gun

Are you and your family any safer
With people imprisoned sans trial
As the drones assassinate at will
Killing civilians while it smiles

Come tomorrow just a decade later
Lets move on to something greater
While considering the insane cost
Of the decade that all of us lost


Sickly Flock - 2011/09/07

Portraits render strains of blight
Trapped behind immaculate fictions
Like one HIV infectee in the craze
Spreading miseries before eviction
Under empty gray skies storms brew
Great rumbles of thunder muttering
With the unfortunate souls trapped
Hoping to forget dreams sputtering

Once independent entities scheming
They found a solace in one another
Working in perfect synchronization
Yesterdays enemy is todays brother
So never shall an opportunity pass
For them to share and you to enjoy
When spreading all forms of misery
Is their choice rather than a ploy


Fodder - 2011/09/05

I see that automatic in your hand
Shiny nickel plated piece of shit
Where are you taking that shooter
To gun down a man or scare a twit
I guess it really dont matter tho
Some fool is gonna die regardless
But lets not pretend the violence
Has justification or is righteous

Mother and children taking a walk
Are either dead or condition dire
Having walked into an empty space
You filled with lots of live fire
Did you even hit the motherfucker
Or like yet another pig at trough
Is it just the wanton destruction
You desire because it got you off

Sure the questions are rhetorical
Millenia of history leave answers
Some of us are the hapless victim
While a scant few are the cancers
So welcome to a sad vicious cycle
Where wolves devour all the sheep
Who themselves are left the world
So what was sown they surely reap


X Marks the Spot - 2011/09/04

A placid sun shined brightly
There was a gleam in his eye
Now strung out on everything
He stretched his arms to fly
In a window fifty stories up
The flight of the body began
Falling from start to finish
Until colliding with a sedan

Come evening street cleaners
Frantically worked on stains
Trying to remove a dark scar
Made of the blood and brains
Whilst the insurance company
Worked to deny policy claims
Of many suffering the damage
Unleashed by a junkies games

Like most you work to forget
Slipping back into a routine
Filling your mind with fluff
To ignore what you have seen
Subconsciously you recognize
Whether you wanted it or not
As you walk down that street
X will always mark that spot


Cast Away - 2011/09/03

If it were our prison wall
I would use a sledgehammer
Giving my life to demolish
Warden of organized clamor
If it were my desert oasis
I would use cracking hands
To bury that place forever
And damn surrounding lands

Do not mistake the meaning
I come only for the jester
For funny though he may be
He allowed evils to fester
Gaze upon the simple props
Left here for simple minds
Stare into the hateful sun
For the truth as it blinds

In a desperate last resort
They call me a provocateur
Dispatching armies of lies
Born of fantasies obscured
Though they cannot hurt me
Their ghost in the machine
Now neither judge nor jury
I reside somewhere between


Disconnect - 2011/09/01

It is the static in his head
Simply a cacophony of voices
Each demanding the attention
Better spent on many choices
It is the speaker so mounted
That it will not be silenced
Except through extreme means
Of mad sabotage and violence

He tore a cord from the wall
Only to hear laughters reply
For their reach was extended
By batteries that do not die
His fist shattered the glass
Creating quite a bloody mess
Even as it was communication
Which so caused his distress

What manner of torture is it
Ethereal voices which follow
Plaguing us for every moment
Every dawn harder to swallow
Where hides treasured solace
In which a silence permeates
So he can be rid of stalkers
And the insanity they create

Juxtaposition - 2011/09/01

Penniless and naked
Snowfall is the murderer
Alive and well fed
Salmonella comes to kill

Behold the seesaw
Where each side balances
With consequences
For doing what you will

Prosperous and educated
The poor serve as enemies
Pious and ever generous
Dark thoughts chained up

Our simple existence
Is unexplainably complex
The battle lines drawn
A world is ready to erupt

Eat Shit Sleep Wake
At some point we screw
This is the program
That drives me and you

Yet it is corrupted
Or seems so upon review
Perhaps it is time
For new ideas to debut


Dead Markets - 2011/08/31

Thralls abound under the spell
Who believe we are not in hell
All together yet very separate
Personal poverty is the threat
Welcome to a bankrupt ideology
Which goes beyond any theology
It insists on the purest faith
Ever draining them as a wraith

Look past that army of experts
Their track records tell tales
Of soothsayers who are blinded
To their clients that did fail
There may be no debtors prison
Though we have ghetto projects
Whose prisoners do remain high
Never considering what is next

They say we have no depression
We flatly claim they are wrong
Anybody with a grip on reality
Knows it cannot last very long
Well never mind my sordid tale
As gold tumbles from their sky
Remain cautious as you look up
Watch out for piss in your eye


Dr. Donkey - 2011/08/29

I write this here today
To honor my dear friend
Who recently has passed
So in grief I do defend

Who he labels as donkey
Surely deserves mocking
As if they did not know
Til truth came knocking
Spare me all the crying
There was no revelation
Ask any of many viewers
You earned the citation
If you foster any doubt
Rewatch all the footage
Either get the hell out
Or honestly earn a wage
My criticism is reality
You will not be coddled
I shall never reinforce
The fantasy you modeled

So to our favorite chef
Let us return to basics
For shaming that donkey
Goes beyond a quick fix

Basketcase - 2011/08/29

Through this hail of words
I see illusions of meaning
Except it does not compute
Due to a lack of screening
Expressed by taboo epithet
Making them fucking forget
My message buried in there
Burning out as a cigarette

So label me the basketcase
As my verse descends below
Parts of it are quite real
While the rest is the show
Why do I cry for attention
Or is that simply the lure
I feel the world will burn
Though how can you be sure

Here is where I will close
Then draw you close to God
Though if he never existed
I die as just another clod
Which lesson lurks beneath
Or is this verse foul shit
Make the choice post haste
Am I honest or just a twit


Irene Inveigler - 2011/08/28

She is coming up this way
To steal everything I got
Whether it be the mansion
My money or my huge yacht
Playing an angry mistress
We know hell hath no fury
As she punishes for guilt
Determined without a jury

Any fool left in her path
Returns a princely pauper
As she eloquently murders
Leaving only the improper
So bet your bottom dollar
That lady will make waves
And every once in a while
Dig us a few early graves

My personal suggestion is
Steer clear of this witch
As she is a no good thief
Trying to make the switch
Ignore all of her promise
Because its her great lie
All she will leave you is
Many tears so you can cry


My Storms Eye - 2011/08/27

I woke and found a vast silence
The foreign invader in my world
I opened the front door to view
Results of my maladies unfurled
There were not even ruins there
Nor the tiniest speck to remind
That this was absolute solitude
In an eternal prison I designed

I had planned on just departing
If the silence became too tough
However once free of my masters
I knew I would never get enough
Here beyond their reach I exist
With the passion to contemplate
What is it about a few thoughts
That this world decided to hate

I am within the eye of my storm
For soon even I shall acquiesce
Will that next front destroy me
Or is it a harbinger of success
It matters not as I will return
To my new safehouse of solitude
Where my questions are the fuel
Allowing radical ideas to brood


Quitter - 2011/08/24

Here is the day of the quitter
Who left for rewards a glitter
His stay with us was cut short
For a time he was a good sport

He might have been a smart one
Though he knew how to have fun
With that closure he so sought
He seeks the future of thought

In time your memory shall fade
Hiding the many bricks he laid
Yet they remain with all yours
Forging the key for many doors

Yes he made his thoughts known
Only to hear collective groans
So when it came time to depart
He handled it coolly and smart

Those who were rendered burned
Only received what they earned
Yet the quitter leaves no trap
For he believes this is a wrap


Waking Vision - 2011/08/23

It is the vision that stalks
Striking whenever it pleases
Promising a fate more grisly
Than a multitude of diseases
Despite reassurances of fear
I control it and it is still
Except the other participant
They not beholden to my will

The vehicle rises off a bump
Hurtling through empty space
Right through my rear window
Quickly smashing my fat face
Meanwhile my neck is snapped
Augmented by a fine red mist
Coating the front windshield
That forces of impact missed

This is the part where I die
Yet that never really occurs
Nor have ever ticking clocks
Turned the vividness to blur
Here I write stuck in a loop
Where a fear is proved empty
Still unable to fully ignore
The assailant I will not see


Just Say No - 2011/08/21

I took a trip to the zoo today
Where in a cage I glimpsed man
He was verily hairy and unkept
Yet no where did I see his van
His voice echoed when he spoke
Beckoning me over to iron bars
He so told me I need to escape
Find the keys and borrow a car

Something begged me to rethink
Yet I was living for a mission
As this man was the son of God
Who had come to me in a vision
So I rolled up another fat one
Lit it and inhaled those fumes
Imagining an army of sorcerers
Calling angels in smoke plumes

I tried to swipe a set of keys
While obviously I was too slow
As an old zoo keeper caught me
The poor fool would not let go
He dragged me back to the cage
Where I pleaded for some grace
Even as the mans face vanished
To reveal an ugly monkeys face

Oh no this was one clever ruse
Apes now made me their trinket
I was moved into the iron cage
Without a hope of being acquit
Throngs of them came to see me
Preparing plans for domination
For I was the stoner in a cage
A reason for human deportation


A Past Discarded - 2011/08/20

Legions of great giants march
Shoulder to shoulder standing
Fearing the blades of insects
Whose realm is ever expanding
Once again mates are murdered
As giants stand valiant watch
Persisting in preserving peace
Refusing to kick it up a notch

Individually we kill in stealth
Slitting their throats expertly
All we have builds on shoulders
Likes of which you will not see
Gaze upon a race that is fading
For their numbers are dwindling
Their bones are great monuments
Yet consumed like mere kindling

I see a future of lonely plains
Abandoned by the once tall host
For we wielded bloodthirstiness
As if it was our single riposte
True tenants lay by the wayside
As we have our swords to advise
Who shall become the next target
For the misery we love to devise


Solar Testimony - 2011/08/19

Spec of dirt tells a tale
Behind the growl and wail
Maw of dead earth yawning
With twilight now dawning
Ready to embrace a return
Of those willing to learn

Down any derelict street
Lies the hovels disowned
Empty shells of promises
Ever repeated and cloned
Cities of canvas emanate
Army of maggots breeding
Willing to take by force
Morsels they are needing

Spark wafting so ignites
Kindling laid for flames
What follows is the fate
History gives many names
Yet while they all swear
That we shall not forget
It is a curse of a child
Which is the real threat

Spec of star tells a tale
Of the world made to fail
A flicker reveals choices
Of freed men with a voice
Lacking requisite ability
To consider possibilities


Suicide Pact - 2011/08/16

So what is there left to say
Tweaking you brings no return
Even as storms above us churn

Just strap on the worn gloves
Tomorrow the next bout is set
Beaten up is what we both get

Gods in motion do not consult
The pithy of fools who pretend
On each other we do not depend

Lets march twelves paces away
Then we can turn and both fire
Which mortuary shall they hire

Whatever will observers think
Two grown adults acting fools
Grunting and bucking as mules

Hey lets use our launch codes
Forget any longer term merits
As the dying meek can inherit

We agree on mutual assurances
Unless they regard destruction
Yet ignore practical production

Thank goodness this ends soon
As neither of us care to check
Ensuring we dont leave a wreck

Let us leave the past behind
To focus on the final chapter
As neither remains the captor


Desert Jewel - 2011/08/15

Today I went to no mans land
With silence as my companion
Only to be buried alive here
Beneath a spontaneous canyon

It begins with faint breaths
Caressing the most observant
Long before events so hasten
Assaulting the least fervent

Once it picks up any speed
Only then is the idea freed
As sandstorms on the horizon
Before you see it has begun

Chaos is birthed in moments
With no paths of atonement
As the sand bears no warning
For the dying souls mourning

Organized caravans marching
Trapped by evolved cyclones
Scattered past four corners
Is where we see their bones

This morning I was the child
Crying in helpless ignorance
Later I am the weary veteran
With eyes forced open since


Gored - 2011/08/14

Racing through the streets
Between all the barricades
The gathered crowds scream
Loving this violent parade

They are coming
I can hear the hooves
Its hot breath on my neck
My bravery this now proves

Growls of the trapped echo
Charging in mindless intent
Later the mob will so claim
That some safety was absent

My feet were moving
Now I am flying quick
Over bloodied cobblestone
Glancing below I feel sick

A race has become a rending
Though I experience no pain
Knowing a tragedy will fade
As blood is cleaned by rain

They are screaming
Having forgot to cheer
For the parade has halted
And not for my death I fear


Dear Leader - 2011/08/13

He is that filler for our blanks
Or whatever you desire him to be
Claiming to be a powerful leader
Convinced of what nobody can see
What wistful words please people
While his actions reveal the lie
For we speak of the slippery man
Who is silent after we query why

He twists and he turns every way
Much like a circus contortionist
Gazing around us with empty eyes
Forging understanding to subsist
His tone is strong and steadfast
Yet his cerebrum seems paralyzed
For we chase a long term fantasy
An utter fool might have devised

Soon the aftermath will be plain
Yet by then it shall be too late
Though some wise sages may posit
We are already tied to that fate
Though by that I really mean you
For I am the fly free of the web
Whereas you now remain entrapped
While your hopes continue to ebb


A Dish Best Served - 2011/08/10

Tomorrow the yellow sun dawns
On the day of which I dreamed
After fighting tooth and nail
It is more real than I deemed
Written off and quite ignored
This became the accepted vibe
While the empty headed pikers
Spewed much inconsistent jibe

You will undoubtedly be upset
Assuming you really even care
But give it a couple of weeks
And your anger shant be there
For some of you this is false
The nasty grudge will persist
To those I would simply state
Angry urchins I will not miss


Outcasts Creed - 2011/08/09

This smoldering ruin lies still
Refugees wander where they will
Unable to stare into an expanse
To try and nullify their trance
Dark hearts so woven with greed
Transposed our wants into needs
Let them die howls that peasant
Only to see that is his present

Yes I dream of watching it burn
As they seem unwilling to learn
Society is a fabric which binds
While blind faith coddles minds
It is not our fate which I fear
I know they still will not hear
What end shall it serve to burn
The one thing they do not spurn

I tried to rage into this night
Even as I knew I lost the fight
Yet each day the will to scream
Is silenced quietly by a regime
Which refuses to ever apologize
While sporting a token disguise
For they have bankrupted hearts
Of thralls acting out the parts


Transcendence Part V - 2011/08/07

In prehistoric oceans it slept
Assaulted by the wayward dream
Nestled between fiends extinct
Hidden beneath the gulf stream
This should have been soothing
Except the creature was damned
It could not shut out memories
With which its mind was jammed

They taunted him with the tale
Of the simple man in his prime
Who set his sight on the world
With plenty of dreams and time
Yet then came the terrible day
On which I swallowed him whole
After I posed him the question
His hastiness took a hard toll

Our positions quickly switched
Me freed from immortal torment
As eons ago I did not consider
My answer which I would resent
He has no name which I do know
For that matter neither have I
Living eternally does not mean
That you yourself will not die


Transcendence Part IV - 2011/08/06

A storm was brewing in the air
Preceded by the light downpour
Urging a stiff troller to wake
As he slept on the boats floor
When he awoke he saw a horizon
Which had so obviously changed
This weather was out of season
And many stars were rearranged

He rowed home through the rain
Feeling as a stranger in exile
Unaware of reward that awaited
While he rowed that final mile
When he actually saw the shore
It took him moments to realize
That there was no more village
Nor his clan to serve as prize

He saw the ruins of that jetty
Where he had launched long ago
And those lush green foothills
Which were now covered in snow
Scattered in the sand was wood
Aged remnants of familiar huts
And then the troller collapsed
Changed by these thousand cuts


Transcendence Part III - 2011/08/05

And so the days became moments
While months felt like minutes
Yet the time became disjointed
Moving cyclically between fits
They all sat silent in thought
Contemplating vexing questions
Sacrificing volumes of notions
As we would broken possessions

The query voiced was so simple
Yet an answer eluded he and it
What changes the nature of man
Alas no solution had been writ
In awhile silence found an end
The ex troller found an answer
He uttered the dark word death
Knowing that he was the cancer

It made a mad thunderous sound
Which could only be it weeping
For the troller would be freed
Leaving it to live on sleeping
For once long ago it was a man
Who quickly answered with time
Turning into an immortal beast
With ages to realize his crime


Transcendence Part II - 2011/08/04

A crescendo rose all about him
As man and craft were uplifted
For a brief moment he was free
Alas the winds of fate shifted
Within this eclipse unexpected
Everything happened quite fast
Locked in the belly of a beast
Even loneliness could not last

It spoke from inside his skull
At a volume arguably crippling
Its words so indistinguishable
The echoes left water rippling
It seemed to feel his reaction
Shrewdly adjusted its approach
Then so thought to communicate
In a manner above his reproach

Time became that artifact lost
Drifting aimlessly sans course
For it talked for one eternity
After sharing its deep remorse
It told him of souls long lost
Later on he returned the favor
By telling this timeless being
About this world it so savored


Transcendence Part I - 2011/08/03

In this land many leagues away
The troller launched his sloop
Without a catch he will starve
As salt water cannot make soup
Little did he know on this day
His life will be deconstructed
By the scourge of the deep sea
So doing what he is instructed

In the beautiful August breeze
The unsettling sounds bristled
Still just unconsciously aware
He enjoyed it all and whistled
After he very nearly dozed off
Dark shivers tickled his spine
Which is when he used his eyes
And found things were not fine

Yes the vivid summer sun shone
But the water beneath was dark
Indicating dangers much larger
Than a typical murdering shark
The shadow was triple the size
Of any ship sailing these seas
That is when the troller knelt
Oh sweet Lord have mercy on me


Quarantine - 2011/08/02

Welcome to our decaying sprawl
Home to this new age emptiness
Safety and health are luxuries
In our hole where more is less

Walk the streets paved in gold
So you cannot find them either
Seek out the wealthy and happy
As we the peasants are neither

Children are educated in hovels
By mothers starving out of love
When fathers go out to scavenge
Through trash fallen from above

Pick up a gun for your hot meal
Kill without question for a bed
Claim a spot in the empty shell
Of the lie trapped in your head

Stare into the sun if you shall
Hate alone will never topple it
For that you must awaken others
Inducing thralls to give a shit

So we sit idle amid our disease
Only vaguely aware of our roles
As we are but mechanisms abused
When we do not have any control


An Undying Queen - 2011/07/31

Her head was summarily chopped off
Left to roll down the entire galley
While the vessel raised its anchor
Ready to sink without time to dally
All the men were fearfully trained
Ready to rape and kill with a word
Though the final sunset approached
It was as if none of them so heard

Is that cannon fire in the distance
Intermixing justice with conformity
Is that Queen Annes Revenge sinking
Does anyone there know the enormity
They refused to walk the last plank
But rather were blow to smithereens
Smiling while sinking beneath waves
Soon joined by the kings and queens

They forever sail these seven seas
A specter of the independent power
Pained souls whose graves are lost
No matter how long all shall scour
By day they are merry in the locker
Claiming conquests and guzzling rum
Though by evening they sail swiftly
To Blackbeards wishes they succumb


A Missing Deluge - 2011/07/28

It was this pitiful drop we forgot
That birthed the magnificent flood
The rights we now take for granted
Are writ in a very bold ones blood
Their names relegated to the books
Which not a soul cares to research
As history without the pink lenses
Knocks lesser men off of the perch

These battles we have so forgotten
Will soon be fought all over again
For we with a short attention span
Replay aging mistakes now and then
Every iteration of our corrections
Requires a spark to produce flames
Otherwise the stressful commotions
Can produce little more than games

Which shall it be this time around
Are there any brave men so willing
To take a hated unpopular position
Simply to keep blood from spilling
Or instead will we cower like rats
Awaiting death by a great predator
Spreading our legs in nasty excess
Our last days like that of a whore


Siesta - 2011/07/27

Their screams echo in the night
Reaching beyond dreamy barriers
Whatever the true reason may be
The sounds of pain are harriers
Night fades with the dawn I rue
For lights of day are unwelcome
What was once the daily routine
Is now the beat of a slave drum

Everything is very out of sorts
Nothing progresses as it should
Imploring us to frantically ask
Does would always trail a could
Probably not says a mad figment
Of the imagination now conjured
That absolute potential remains
Despite your view being blurred

Certainly not responds the gnat
Brandishing his crown of quarks
This is the glimpse of a future
Where a dying mind leaves marks
So here I sit struggling to say
Whatever one should be believed
Ignoring the fact I need a rest
To truly prevent being deceived


Lazy Boys Platoon - 2011/07/25

Something wicked this way comes
The chill on our spine at night
Fostered by pseudo pious people
All who refused to set it right
Guided by tenets of pure greed
Bent on bathing in their blood
This drought of the modern age
Will be set right with a flood

It is the antithesis of deities
Masters of the moral disconnect
Only through great forcefulness
Shall we topple idols now erect
Nay I speak of no golden calves
For the riches have been stolen
From us the distraction addicts
Our remains so dead and swollen

So here we lay in the recliners
Getting high off the multimedia
Unwilling to debate perspective
For it interferes with dementia
Shall we rise simply to survive
Or die enveloped in the comfort
If no fire burns in our bellies
Can there even be a last resort


Firestarter - 2011/07/24

Our second hand is passing
A prescribed point in time
Bolstered by fake memories
The inattention is a crime
Words from armies of faces
A cacophony of nasty swill
Simply distract to destroy
After we have had our fill

Ears all about are closing
Mouths sadly do not follow
Revealing a righteous fire
Ever sputtering and hollow
Cogs claiming to self rule
Now rotate in a vast array
Working to pace of another
Unwilling to cease halfway

A vulnerable shining spark
Caught by a languid breeze
Is fodder for the knife of
Some leaders feeble sneeze
We are too late to protect
The feint is already afoot
You bear witness to record
A creation reduced to soot


Mister Charles - 2011/07/22

He is a dark shadow lurking
Awaiting the precise moment
Donning a pressed silk suit
While preparing for descent

He is the narrator of tales
Told of the macabre visions
Wrought with the mad horror
Unleashed by your decisions

He is a friend spewing lies
Yet comforting all the same
You think he is the servant
Simply a puppet in his game

He is the silent gatekeeper
Granting a passage to cross
The sickly river of regrets
Where the future was tossed

He is just your emancipator
A shriveled heap on a beach
Willing to drown to refresh
Memories quite beyond reach

He is the figure of a fable
A fellow I dream of meeting
In a world where I can tell
The truth from the fleeting


Blackout - 2011/07/21

Network nodes interconnected
All their routes in disarray
As a result good information
Can not be transmitted today
Millions of endpoints listen
For the truth that comes not
Replaced with this gibberish
That causes irreversible rot

It should have been tolerant
To reasonable level of fault
Instead it works against you
Locking reality in its vault
This impervious system broke
At behest of everyone served
Take heart dear karmic fools
A few got what they deserved

There is one simple solution
Turn on tune in and consider
You can care about something
Beyond our new lowest bidder
Point your eyes up and feast
Imagine every world deserted
Rendered ever non responsive
By our paradise so perverted


Watchers - 2011/07/20

He was an idol hoisted up high
The example to which we strove
It is too bad so many followed
To that edge off which he dove
I shall put it plain and blunt
He was a twisted double dealer
Shielded by his precious bible
As he pretended to be a healer

Ask me whether he was a fucker
Most simply nod their head yes
While I will lay out histories
Of his widely heralded success
Do I dream of seeing his death
Nay that would just be extreme
I shall rest contented knowing
The truth was not as it seemed

So we keep on lifting fools up
Pretending they waltz on water
Despite opportunities to cease
Mere man leads us to slaughter
For if their power is absolute
While corrupting so absolutely
Why do we ignore all the signs
Acting like it happens acutely


Hovel - 2011/07/19

That is asbestos in the ceiling
Complimenting lead in the pipes
Anybody who takes a deep breath
Will taste poison of many types
Do you feel a hint of radiation
Or feel infestations in the bed
Assuming it even really matters
With nasty cancers in your head

I dreamed of striking the match
Grinning and watching it ignite
Close enough to scorch the skin
As the inferno coated the night
I craved only great destruction
Even sacrificing all the future
For my wound would not be cured
With simple salves and a suture

Yet reality births new surprise
For this moment is not the same
The time of choosing approaches
Though it is no longer our game
So instead I am turning my back
Adamant on finally walking away
Making the vows to never return
But to gaze at my hovel someday


Cut and Construct - 2011/07/18

It crawled from an ocean darkly
Sprouting legs instead of wings
Though it had no real potential
Beyond the dark chaos it brings
Nobody bothered to toss it back
Unfazed by terrible consequence
Now just a rash moment of mercy
That we shall suffer with hence

Beyond legs came arms and hands
Along with intuition to examine
Yet the latter we refuse to use
A failure bereft of any chagrin
Surely the pinnacle of creation
That frees ideas for exchanging
Can stop praying and pretending
That circumstances are changing

Masters of this blue green rock
Are just worms awaiting a flood
While progress is rendered mute
In an effort to prolong the dud
Who amongst us dares to retreat
In deference to a final plateau
For another chance to persevere
So we may survive and also grow


Anti Climactic - 2011/07/17

A bottle of whiskey is empty
Rolling about upon the floor
The last few drops of liquor
Slowly drift on out the door
Which concoction did I taste
To birth murmurs in my sleep
Which great gift did I waste
That urges me to loudly weep

The green fairies swooped in
Yet my only muse is in vomit
Which leaves my mouth bitter
And head crying like a comet
What mad mind conceived this
Believing it was a good idea
Was I simply a foolish child
Searching for a real panacea

A worm lives inside my belly
Eating these pretty trinkets
It lives within gaping holes
Slowly deepening all my pits
Into stygian hells I plummet
Unable to grasp simple truth
That curses of understanding
Follow the diminishing youth


Vintage Model - 2011/07/16

Old man you screwed my plan
Puttering along in your van
Old man you drive very slow
Behind people yell go go go
Old man you can take a class
For learning to mash the gas
Old man stop swerving around
In a tank once colored brown

Old man your toupee screams
You drive within day dreams
Old man you will soon expire
Patch up your shrinking tire
Old man please heed the GPS
You are clearly in distress
Old man do you want to race
Get the drool off your face

Old man watch the slow lane
Those passing know the pain
Old man have you checked out
Or do see what its all about
Old man what game do we play
Why are you slowing that way
Old man it seems you passed
I no longer wish to go fast


Shyster - 2011/07/13

I was born without any talent
Though I lack actual scruples
With some marketing materials
My ignorance brings me pupils
So from door to door I travel
Making up the outrageous lies
That are sure to sell my shit
While I look you in your eyes

So what its been a crappy day
I may not have a sold a thing
But when I ring your doorbell
Of your neighbors zeal I sing
If you accept our offer today
We will give you the discount
Even while terms you accepted
You shall struggle to recount

If you decide to cancel later
I will not shed a single tear
Cause I get paid in cold cash
When you sign right down here
Of course when you figure out
My pitch is truly just a scam
I will be ripping off another
While you yell damn damn damn


Go Forth Lambs - 2011/07/10

Pieces languish on the boards
Mounts of marble now mourning
Fools who galloped last night
Only to perish in the morning
Yet it is not the shining sun
Which breaks our fast at dawn
But the solace of contentment
So slain by their greedy pawn

Banners flap for hungry winds
By the mandates of commanders
Who received their directions
From lords above our slanders
On bloody fields it is simple
Whereas above there is a mess
Yet with dogs who suffer most
Plain fact is never addressed

Empires erect around usurpers
Who randomly survive the fray
Scant few recall they watched
Blood of peasants win the day
Yet there we see other boards
Checkerboard planes of battle
Over which monarchs of slough
Arrange for murders of cattle


Aristocracy of Tea - 2011/07/08

Mad Hatter bounces and twirls
Raising a cup for their death
Cheshire cat purrs and smiles
Now ready for his last breath

China strewn across the table
Some broken and most unwashed
Which white mice creep around
In terror of getting squashed

Is it a wonder or a nightmare
Within a darkly looking glass
Where the party has the power
To make this sad day our last

Yet they wait on tea to steep
Clamoring on like its alright
Unaware that even a small sip
Will poison and reveal plight

Clad in top hats they do lead
Battling this queen of hearts
Yet she is just a mad fiction
In which they play many parts

Raise all the cups in a toast
To a great aristocracy of tea
Or sit back just to chronicle
A fallout they will never see


Of Mice - 2011/07/06

Crystal clear waves now lick
At a stark white sandy shore
Soft air reminds me of times
I so lived in long lost lore
Armies of palm trees swaying
Mark my vision that crumbles
As the undercurrent draws me
Towards reality that tumbles

A full moon illuminates dark
Our companion in pitch black
While pools of soft twilight
Weaken us for another attack
Hoots of owls diving at prey
Mark great tragic succession
As all that begins with life
Ends with deathly procession

There is no map with designs
Of how any wizard can bypass
Hence nobody can give advice
Or ever claim to teach class
Our great swathes of silence
Mark mysteries that enthrall
Never giving off a real hint
Of the end to which we crawl


Get Over It - 2011/07/05

You likely have already heard
But just in case you have not
I stood accused of this crime
For which nobody proved squat
So that means I am going free
With just a slap on the wrist
Truth be told I have to admit
Your attention will be missed

Rumors of the screaming reach
Even my ears encased in stone
In the eyes of your angry mob
No real proof had to be shown
Mutterances of fools in anger
Sans understanding of reality
Are why a real justice system
Builds on logic and actuality

If my words stroke your anger
Open your windows and screech
The portly poet now mocks you
Ever tired of trying to teach
Feelings in your gut are shit
Sixth sense is not legitimate
Either reveal the smoking gun
Or accept the defeat and quit


The Oak Must Die - 2011/07/03

The spigots are dry as a bone
There is not a drop to be had
All my toilets will not flush
The smell is getting real bad

I sit staring out the windows
My eyes affixed upon the tree
Though it makes no move at all
I can feel its raw hate for me

With roots it has interrupted
The morning routine I employed
Rather than avoiding the pipe
Underground that it destroyed

Oh look at its very many leaves
Each waving at me in light wind
Every leaf like a middle finger
Whose owner I dream of skinned

Should I eviscerate it quickly
Or kill it with a thousand cuts
Before it can get a deadly grip
On my valued and delicate nuts

Whatever the case it is a tree
Nursing some malicious intents
Who so made a formidable enemy
That cannot forget these events


Ash King - 2011/07/02

The blackened landscape extends
As far as my weary eyes can see
Where a slight breeze can choke
All of the life right out of me
There is no life within earshot
I hear only a permanent silence
From crowds of ghostly subjects
Pledging fealty to their prince

The usual amenities are missing
Worthless relics stranded below
Allowing me to join my subjects
Once blackened from head to toe
In the vivid dreams of insanity
They rise to profess their love
Knowing I will carry the burden
Of ashes that shower from above

If it tumbles I shall snatch it
Exercising my imaginary control
Stand on me I chant ever louder
A distraction eating at my soul
Can you take the knee and swear
Or prove you are smart and walk
By disbelieving the many claims
That I contradict while we talk


Burn Athens Burn - 2011/06/29

Nondescript places scream
Long lost to the extremes
Meaningless votes tallied
As government hovels burn
Youthful street relegated
To distant eroding memory
Antiques of old so remain
Even as the rest crumbles

The police become victims
While the populace fights
Gunned down in the street
As a dying world pretends
The death is at a trickle
So threatening to elevate
Cabbage will be traded in
For weapons of darker sin

Using fire to fight flame
Only heightens an inferno
Until a sacrifice emerges
Our question is what dies
I know while Athens burns
Pitiful people will fight
Vowing never to go gently
Into a vast eternal night


Inert Artisans - 2011/06/27

They are dying in caskets
Of a very eloquent making
Having trapped themselves
Within ideas now breaking
Laying inside they squirm
Wondering what comes next
While failing to consider
All choices birth effects

Some escape in great fury
Only to face darker truth
Leaving behind the others
Reveling in eternal youth
A paltry dream on breezes
Which evaporates so quick
Is just a kind of tragedy
That leaves them all sick

Crowds of onlookers stare
Not feeling what they see
Can they ever really care
That you fight just to be
For this trap is your own
Ponder before you seal it
Do not blame anybody else
As only you could feel it


Malignant - 2011/06/26

Within a body of your trust
Their allegiances shattered
Wave after wave so advances
Questioning why it mattered
One is a throng sans leader
The other is a doppleganger
For the first lives in fear
Of the pot the second stirs

Circling each other for days
Dancing steps of deft feints
Both envisioning an end game
As they don their war paints
The blades become unsheathed
Based on assistance enlisted
Though it promises slaughter
With an ending quite twisted

When shall the knaves strike
How long shall the duel last
Who shall pick up the pieces
To forge futures from a past
Does any of it really matter
For that seed is now planted
At which time it is too late
To be precisely transplanted


Daredevil - 2011/06/23

The dust fills our mouths
Past a wind whipping ears
Babies scream pure murder
Forever drowning in tears
Around the very next bend
Lies a mad opaque unknown
In which I feed on scraps
Dismissed from the throne

The taste of metal stings
Causing our gums to bleed
Yet it is unfamiliar pain
That plants a strong seed
Arms of the masses raised
Each tumbling with a thud
Even as I secretly aspire
To ingest the great flood

The fear has simply faded
Forcing my senses to perk
Allowing me to appreciate
A future I once did shirk
Alone I anticipate a fall
For provocation it brings
As is this not the savior
Of which every idol sings


Plank Walker - 2011/06/22

They came for me
In the dead of night
After I had prepared
In the hazy twilight

You are unconcerned
For I was the loud one
Silence is your shield
While words are my gun

You do not envision
Sharing a future with me
For your eyes are closed
As they have set me free

If you truly know me
You acknowledge I lament
A rough sudden departure
Though I will not repent

If you revel in this
You are just another fool
For I have been discarded
Without breaking any rule

Know there was silence
Where we needed more talk
As I balance on the plank
Off of which I shall walk

Hear these final words
Try to pay some attention
Stop being so damn silent
And fight for a direction


Live Free or Die - 2011/06/21

It was a typical morning
A hot sun shone brightly
As Tom purchased his gas
And drove along politely
Everybody appeared aloof
Engaged in their routine
Until Tom bummed a light
And caused quite a scene

There came a long moment
Before many heads turned
To experience this sight
Of poor Tom being burned
He himself set the blaze
As his gas can testified
In lieu of this mute man
Smoldering after he died

Examine the one unhinged
A sad corpse illuminates
Multiple methods we used
To dismiss our own fates
Label him as a psychotic
While he just had enough
And I will surely wonder
Are any of us that tough


The Revelator - 2011/06/19

He is the mud stuck in the soles
Of the fool for which heads roll
Cleaning till time past eternity
Will leave them still very dirty
Knowing he may be dismissed easy
While his words make them queasy
The burden he carries is foreign
Even as you revel in the chagrin

Some say he is a drunken buffoon
Who opens his mouth far too soon
Others sit back and listen quiet
Fearful of the inconvenient riot
Not at all considering the dream
Leading to a future most do deem
A farce for those so unpatriotic
Or the few not fed much narcotic

He looks not to the stormy skies
As God is but a gnat in his eyes
But to their empty hands clasped
To weave futures we once grasped
For the present is of our making
Even as hope is clearly breaking
He worships that power forgotten
Locked in brains now very rotten

Sure that Revelator is my friend
Everybody betrays him in the end
So get in line and make a splash
Sacrificing him before the crash
As we live to refuse and foresee
Worried only about little ole me
The truth born of this Revelator
Bear fruit that mark him traitor


Mr Obstruction - 2011/06/18

All around elegant spires rise
A lovely sight for hungry eyes
Yet here we toil in the shanty
On scraps as others up the ante
We seem incapable of realizing
That the world is not revising
Reality staring us in the face
We will soon die in this place

Mr Obstruction crafts a vision
Lacking any logic or precision
He points a sword at windmills
While settling for sad thrills
He does not accept differences
In this fight to subdue senses
For the altar at which we pray
Is built by what games we play

I recall the multitude of times
Being driven by the wind chimes
For my effort to exceed concern
Only to quit slashed and burned
As he sits on the throne ruling
Leading a group of the drooling
I now stay confined to quarters
For my vision has no supporters

So I congratulate Mr Obstruction
On his so successful destruction
Via a note that will not be sent
As he cannot admit it and repent
Instead revising history to show
There is progress on the plateau
Upon which we reside and stumble
While it continues to so crumble


Cash Concubine - 2011/06/16

Put some real force into it
Pummel me whenever you want
As long as your money flows
I am just another débutante
If your plans are going bad
I encourage you to blame me
Maybe if you beat me enough
I might finish you for free

Another night another visit
One asks for the impossible
They order a top production
Born of incoherent scribble
When my attempt falls short
A john rejects my small fee
Only then they get creative
Swing hard and break a knee

So when I am on that corner
Hobbling about for a dollar
Spare me your holy judgment
Give a broke bitch a holler
By now you are dying to ask
Why I still take this flack
For the exact reason you do
The green monkey on my back


Central Idiocy Agency - 2011/06/15

We are spooks who listen
To your every spoken word
Whether its in your home
Or just a rumor we heard

We work to keep you safe
At least that is our line
Please forget our website
As its hacked and offline

We are precious brokers
Of important information
Gathered from fake blogs
During our masturbation

We protect many vassals
Who pay for protection
Those who refuse to play
Suffer from insurrection

We know of many who died
Because of our mistakes
When our two towers fell
It proved we were flakes

We sow much destruction
Training peasants to kill
Then we act like victims
When our blood they spill

We love how fools forget
Truth out of convenience
For we have always lied
From the start and since

We are the incompetent
Children work to disable
Why are you not disturbed
That we are that incapable


Redemption of Rags - 2011/06/14

Here I sit in stratosphere
Winds whispering I can fly
Below the world is waiting
To see a man choose to die

Here I cry many stories up
Lamenting the long journey
Contemplating notable ways
To finish a futile tourney

Here I do perceive nothing
My mind feels unencumbered
The insanity birthed below
Lives in days now numbered

Here the deadly jetstreams
No longer pose any threats
Serfs plunge for salvation
While I have paid my debts

Here I reject their poison
Fueled by parasites within
As real silence shall cure
Restraint now wearing thin

Here I know I have nothing
But the words you now read
For only on the low ground
Can freedom plant its seed


Seasonal - 2011/06/11

Tell me all the tepid tales
While I struggle to breathe
Read me your recent regrets
As the world around seethes
You lead to lovely languish
Though the handcuffs ensure
Prisoners of plain paradise
Shall not forcefully detour

Doped up and deadened today
We march as you do instruct
Too busy muddling in a haze
To realize we self destruct
Gaze upon this great prison
Notice that it has no walls
Except the prisoners within
Fearing the moment it falls

This is just another season
That makes way for the next
We are teetering on an edge
So why are so many so vexed
For soon we will go our way
Designing something greater
Waiting for that inevitable
Does not make one a traitor


Regicide - 2011/06/09

I have my sawed off shotgun
Mounted with a hair trigger
Pointed at a mad television
To preserve priceless vigor
With a remote I have buried
In a local garbage landfill
The channel does not change
But the shit spews on still

Lots of voices so few words
Serious or not thats a joke
I tried to root out quality
And determined it was broke
People ask me about the gun
Well of course it is loaded
As I would not feel too sad
If that television exploded

So maybe this time tomorrow
I should break this routine
By no longer abiding idiots
That infest the flat screen
Yet when I refuse to listen
Will I recall how to ponder
Or will I see that my brain
Is but a trinket squandered


Abyss - 2011/06/08

Within indescribable morning I awoke
There it hovered inches from my face
Devouring what poisons I could expel
Never commenting as it is just waste

Throughout that otherwise boring day
It steadfastly maintained a position
Slowly divesting the world of a fire
That seeks reparations via attrition

By light of a sickly moon I realized
That it was not interested in my art
It was the others caught in my circle
That it was methodically taking apart

They are the faces who slowly exhale
Awaiting their own mystical miracles
Breathing squarely in lackluster now
Lacking any route to those satirical

What a privilege I have been granted
To attend to bits of insipid squalor
Attempting to create a metamorphosis
All while playing my role of scholar

Yet from many lies the truth emerges
Which has no bearing on want or need
Providing a path for those to follow
No matter how much apathy they bleed


Anti Contrivance - 2011/06/07

They are coming down like splinters
Tearing up the worn skin on my face
Each one slashing a bit differently
I fight hard but I cannot keep pace
Once bright bulbs dim unexplainably
Leaving observers to query everyone
They have but fake answers to share
As they will not accept we are done

Safety railings run along the lines
Preventing the curious from digging
While everybody now on duty imbibes
Behind the scenes we get to rigging
Embrace a process for which I exist
Nevermind that it does not function
While amoral bastards become richer
I cannot ignore growing compunction

The heads hang low including my own
Faced with what we reflexively deny
A factory is open and machines work
Yet not a one of us can explain why
So I like you wonder why we persist
In pretending this is not some game
Where no matter what develops today
Tomorrow is always more of the same


Ice: An Epilogue - 2011/06/06

A blizzard hovered on the horizon
Hoping that it would pass is daft
As I lay silent freezing to death
Tips of the fingers long departed
Even then within stunning clarity
I longed for that one final grasp

There it lay beyond the ice dunes
The hilt protruding like a beacon
A vicious organism that destroyed
Everything I had ever truly known
Yet its tendrils tugged and stung
Commanding me to move in futility

For hours days or weeks I crawled
Amidst a growing sign of ice ages
Only to expire with hand extended
Inches from the architect of doom
So here I wait in the vast beyond
For the hourglass to flip fortune

Daze - 2011/06/06

Double vision flailing about
Whispers blinking in and out
Dreams and reality now mixed
Both nightmares I am betwixt
Sword sliding out of sheathe
Shining as we cannot believe
Blood drips from large hands
Metronome of foreign demands

Tick tock yells a dead clock
In its place there is a rock
Marking the death of legions
Fools sacrificed for regions
Bubbles burst quite too late
By the lack of sleep or fate
As the sun rises pain ceases
Time becomes full of creases

Emancipated or just enslaved
Drafting lines very depraved
Dread incantations that seep
Awake but ravenous for sleep
Another day built on a waste
Begging my return post haste
Yet here I sit trying to fix
A mind that plays the tricks


Jilted Joy - 2011/06/04

I am cognizant of your jealously
A grimace on your lips spills it
Reveal what you despise the most
My allure my intellect or my wit

If you truly refuse to sketch me
My next words shall be bona fide
You arent fit to cradle my favor
Nor to draft my likeness outside

Scribble in your pad with pencil
Toiling about in your mediocrity
For our siblings are quite crude
Your portraits of them ooze pity

Complain all you must for I wait
The one day you beg me is coming
I expect I shall find your pleas
Simply childish and very numbing

If perchance the decades pass by
After all your sad failures scar
Maybe that day I will then allow
You to actually draw a true star

But let it be known I never wait
As a queen does not toil in fear
So if you never drew true beauty
Perhaps your sight was not clear

Lost - 2011/06/04

He is departed
Perhaps he sits on his throne
Chuckling at the fallen stars
No longer concerned with this

He is horrified
Machinations of annihilation
For the sparks he now scorns
Dark mirrors leave him angry

He is a swindler
Putting forth changing rules
Conveyed by waves of eunuchs
Who are ones he has enslaved

He is spoiled
All power beyond imagination
With thoughts past our grasp
His tantrums devour all life

He is rejected
By those with eyes wide open
Not by any theory of science
For we know he is the tyrant

He is everything
Then I myself embody nothing
As we have never even talked
I live within illicit dreams

He is nothing
Stare now for I am now freed
With my hard ideas to refine
As I make sense of the chaos

He is the excuse
We yell to absolve ourselves
While ignoring petty plights
Of peasants we claim to save


Primum non nocere - 2011/06/03

I found solace in the eyes
Staring through the mirror
Bloodshot pupils screaming
Of truth that crept nearer
It reversed leaving a face
Marked with peace and calm
He spoke in his soft voice
As he grasped my dead palm

For by his mercy I am gone
He freed me of that prison
By valuing simple morality
Over a hypocrites decision
Who only prolong deep pain
Never fulfilling that oath
As they lack the fortitude
To serve the needs of both

Today my liberator expired
A mad world does not mourn
Instead they overtly teach
Empathy is worthy of scorn
If life is our divine gift
How can you usurp my claim
When truly emancipating me
Was just merciful and sane


Transmutation - 2011/06/02

I cannot explain those events
It gives me pause to consider
Sad souls with hands entwined
Encircling the idol a glitter
Dying campfire sprung shadows
Drifting into the pitch black
But it was the hymn of theirs
That ensures I cannot go back

Mutterances of indoctrination
Assault random daily thoughts
Whiffs of undeniable insanity
Deconstruct reality I wrought
The song of the siren of ease
Bristle past my consciousness
Rendering even great thoughts
Wholly impotent to so address

Those ideas will never depart
As a crimson stain on my soul
Over which I am a dark warden
Who wages battles for control
It is not a struggle I lament
For without conflict I wither
When I am faced with insanity
I can only scream come hither


A Kindness - 2011/06/01

A ghastly click fills the room
Followed by loud decompression
Lifeless and metallic it cries
Preserving it is our obsession
The empirical data tells tales
Ignored by onlookers oblivious
Jacked up on self preservation
That has now become lascivious

Past the corners of their eyes
Stalks their darkening futures
Twisting knives to open wounds
That are immune to the sutures
Beyond fear stands the dim man
With a boldness to contemplate
Pulling the plug on this droid
For its dead why procrastinate

Either way a fraud will expire
A device will lose its purpose
As easy decisions come to bear
Their victims are sure to fuss
Revel in your newfound freedom
Forget all the artificial loss
Let us design something better
Now is the time to give a toss


Blueprint - 2011/05/29

Silent heavily armed hostiles
Gliding between the waypoints
Following orders of an entity
One not allowed to disappoint
Strategy based on predication
Of moves determined from afar
To stop advancement of forces
And so it begins time to spar

Unit 1 waits and takes a shot
An enemy has been neutralized
Unit 2 breaks quick for cover
Not before the enemy realized
Unit 3 flanks another hostile
Leaving him no way to respond
Unit 4 is sprayed from behind
The attacker quickly absconds

Tactical recommends a retreat
Hostiles wield full advantage
Two more enemies are engaging
Our intel has been mismanaged
Escape is a negative tactical
You shall assault and succeed
So be it control but know now
Our men out there shall bleed


Ablaze - 2011/05/28

Men in metal wield gaseous flames
The rising smoke scars a dark sky
They burn to wipe out every trace
Of a secret sown in each sad face

What was done shall not be undone
The past is impervious to revenge
Men of duty will not question why
Which is why all of them must die

Armies of peasants knives in hand
Freshly stolen from warm kitchens
Puncture the jugulars of firebugs
Leaving them to lay dead as thugs

They came to kill and left ghosts
Their ashes scattered to the wind
In hell they comfort dead friends
Here on Earth this never happened

Scintillating secrets slain today
Sow the seeds of legends tomorrow
Deeds unseen never go unmentioned
For fools pave the way to descend

When the firebugs return to fight
Determined to wage the futile war
Shall children in their beds bake
Or shall we arm them as they wake