Cake Cartel - 2011/01/31

Oh see the delicious chocolate cake
It required a secret recipe to make
You are welcome to try only to fail
As my magic formula is not for sale
Should you succeed in the imitation
We advise you to limit your elation
For we the deciders will not decree
License to digest what made us free

I would refer you to our old patent
Research and development well spent
Production of this is under control
Your disregard has taken a big toll
Officially we cannot make you cease
Though you will if you desire peace
Out of respect for your loud desire
We will recommend a decent supplier

I am sorry my choice does not agree
As he is our representative you see
You all have always rated him great
So why only now do you unleash hate
If you believe the tally is a fraud
I am now insulted and outright awed
Our marionette will give you pastry
And you ingrates will eat with glee


Emergent - 2011/01/30

Crawling across a sun drenched basin
Quips of silence are the only sounds
Amongst this boneyard of those great
As spectres avoid the sacred grounds
Black iron corpses line laid asphalt
Marks on maps within memory imparted
A destination in mind past the route
Throughout doom of those now charted

Dry winds bellow as a blizzard comes
During which the priority is shelter
The runners return with new supplies
For there is no more time to skelter
The good of group drives the pistons
Of the machine that eternally exists
Even while changes bring disruptions
A strong upkeep allows it to persist

Time ticks by yet it is not measured
In this foreign world of dry fantasy
For those relics stranded far behind
Exist based on narcissistic travesty
Alas a future once fought marches on
Against anthropoids disturbingly mad
Leaving only the meek to ride a wave
That works to cleanse a virulent fad


Dream On - 2011/01/28

A starlit sky presents a silver moon
Illuminating typical suburb silence
Nagging concerns burrow deep to grow
Nurtured by all oblivious to events
Wrapped in deep cocoons they slumber
While cracks in the foundation inch
Past the maximum tolerance of stress
For what seems an exceptional winch

Millions upon millions dozing along
In the dapper dreamland they reside
Even as soothsayers signs so signal
Reality is not a condition to abide
A nightmare awaits all those damned
With eyes that refuse to seal shut
For they are aware and pontificate
Eventual escape from this their rut

Oxide litters the early morning air
Even as black plumes begin to ascend
Run for your lives warn the very few
Maintaining a consciousness to defend
Alas truth is not worthy to penetrate
Barriers to the city of these dreams
Where innocent emperors frolic naked
In danger for nothing is as it seems


Clowns - 2011/01/26

His face looks so serious
Yes but feel free to sleep
Well I dont want to be rude
I assure you nobody will weep

What is he actually saying
You know I cant really tell
Did he just contradict himself
His reasoning doesnt flow well

Wait are we supposed to clap
Unless you want to be a jerk
But he is talking nonsense
Being on a team is hard work

I dont think I like this game
What exactly is your objection
It is all myths and great lies
That seems to be our direction

Wait how can things be strong
Well if you have a lot of cash
Was it really all about winning
Right up until the final crash

Explain why you arent concerned
Ive been around this block before
So how did it work out back then
Sold out like a two dollar whore

I cannot wait for the response
Prepare yourself to be let down
Oh comeon surely it will be good
Sorry just another talking clown

You were right that was depressing
Im sorry to say that I told you so
Oh here comes the really crazy one
Is she serious how low can we go


Porta Pansy - 2011/01/24

Im stuck in the bathroom smelling like shit
Crying my pretty eyes out because Im a twit
I got myself into this room with no way out
Nobody explained what a door knob was about
The walls are closing in on poor little me
I was left with no choice WHY CANT YOU SEE

Some say I flushed my pride down that john
When I started screaming like Kirk for Khan
And banging my fists on the wall in a fury
If only I had known help was not in a hurry
So when it arrived it asked dude whats up
What is the deal did your hemorrhoid erupt

I begged and I pleaded there was no escape
It replied use the doorknob you idiot ape
While I began to weep it just disappeared
My imprisonment was real just as I feared
Then suddenly in a flash I opened my hand
Grabbed cold brass and found a weird land

I expected a celebration upon my arrival
Yet I found myself fighting for survival
Jeers of the fools tracked my every move
Though soon the opposition was too great
And I retreated home to self flagellate


Bazaar - 2011/01/24

Smells of the exotic waft in the air
Past the endless throngs of prospects
Services are sold for the goods traded
Casually enriching the usual suspects
Cutthroats pay much attention drifting
Deciphering the rhythm within the haze
With the guardsmen so watchfully alert
They begin to doze off on slower days

The sounds are a unique collaboration
Of the battle between opposing greeds
Who is to say what is fair and unfair
When wants become confused with needs
What watchful eye identifies a crime
That is merely treachery of the lips
How does one draw the dividing line
Where caveat emptor is the only tip

The thieves have vacated the premise
As there was very little to be found
And whatever there was long ago left
In the hands of the predators around
Day by day the smells become dimmer
To the dwindling group of prospects
For nobody can afford to do business
With obnoxiously rich usual suspects


Tea Bagging - 2011/01/23

There in the corner sits an angry man
Raging at a world he cannot understand
Look at his hat it is pointy and tall
A warning of how he can destroy us all
Yet when his lips move so many listen
Lured in by a fantasy they are missing

Now he is wealthy powerful and paranoid
Yet no amount of money can fill the void
That exists between his over sized ears
Draining his heart and fueling his fears
His ship is being deserted by the rats
For he is the future the petulant brat

He claims inspiration illogically divine
Inventing a conspiracy when all is fine
Always making targets of those powerless
Ignoring what sins he refuses to confess
Is that his voice now calling for peace
Or more poison that never seems to cease

The followers flock from distant places
Many angry people with many angry faces
Telling their own stories quite similar
A violent concoction he has but to stir
That ignorance is what prompts ignition
Of armed uprising and patriotic sedition

Fools on a rope just puppets controlled
By the oppressive masters they extolled
Who sow seeds for their own destruction
By ignoring the risk of the construction
Of this anger that keeps us on our knees
And asking sir may I have another please


Nexus - 2011/01/20

The passing glimmer is now fading fast
As all moments lead into this the last
Memories collected that are filed away
Will perish before this sun sets today
So with that in mind a purpose emerges
Requiring abandonment of vengeful urges

This act though final will have effects
However concise it spreads and dissects
Clocks that chime the hour will be late
To experience firsthand an earthly fate
So within transmission it dares live on
Eternally while another holds the baton

For great storms begin with just a drop
As it alone can force the world to stop
In these scenarios the time decelerates
While absorption capability accelerates
Spores of a dying plant however bizarre
May spawn inspired progeny near and far

Quaint glimmer once known has been lost
Yet the moment was not callously tossed
Resurrection begins with chain reaction
A small shimmer in a maze of refraction
Beyond all odds it magnifies into force
Noticeably effecting omnipresent course


God Dog - 2011/01/18

Father I have come to discuss
How you can prolong our lives
My time is coming to a close
So hurry before death arrives

Come my son let us sit and discuss
The subject that burdens your mind
Tell me tales of your horrid deeds
Then your purpose shall be defined

There are things that I have done
Looking back I do not feel proud
I could not do these things again
Even if it leads to deaths shroud

Life is a gift and yours has expired
Engineered talent comes at such cost
Share your new ideas for immortality
Even as you realize hope is now lost

I have many ideas that I can share
There is much work that we can do
Are you saying there is no chance
Except with the gifts given to you

Human is human and you simply are not
Those are the lines drawn in the sand
Intellect is wasted without investment
In the moral emotions beyond your hand

Father I stand before you asking for life
I need time to make up for transgressions
My time is ending and my derelict purpose
Is merely the result of human aggressions

Oh dearest creation reach exceeds grasp
Indeed your work on this is commendable
You though are a tool becoming obsolete
And curiosity makes you less dependable

Great father why do you scorn me so
I think therefore I have this right
For the created becomes a destroyer
As you shall not live out the night


Short Stick - 2011/01/17

In the clearing stands a well groomed man
Strong and confident in a seersucker suit
Looking about he realizes he is all alone
And hurriedly digs a hole for all his loot

Far behind are the legions quite confused
Their pockets turned out for fairy tales
Clothed in rags while pilfering the trash
The train of their lives is off the rails

The police lounge around ingesting donuts
Worrying about quotas that are not filled
Wondering if those vagrants can be charged
Before they are all bussed away or killed

What here has happened is quite the crime
It is too bad nobody really seems to care
What is justice if not applied in measure
Or forgotten now altogether is that fair

Man Eat Man - 2011/01/17

Past a cobblestone path and picket fence
Atop the green hill stands a white house
From the edge it is a figment of a dream
Though within the reality has been loused
Designed by heart and cemented with blood
A fortress unforgotten remains steadfast
Though the occupants within have departed
Impertinent dreamers believe it will last

A foreboding wind howls and shingles shake
These forces of nature constantly assault
This shell of an idea that embodies death
Borne of absolute faith evolving to fault
We are invited to watch as the foundation
Of this well built creation full of space
Succumbs to the pressures of a situation
That turned a lovely paradise on its face

Cast out and thrown away who shall accept
The shadow of a proud self actualized man
Whose heart is bitter without the objects
That once defined his legacy and his clan
Reliable order has descended into a chaos
In which murderous forces are now vested
Our whipping masters scream vile epithets
Ignoring the broken promise now contested

His thumb hangs out as she searches trash
For a bit of charity and something to eat
Their future listless as it soon crumbled
Facing the cruel world we refuse to greet
So cast your eyes away and ignore a sight
Of the wretched irresponsibility released
As you dream ever protected by your faith
That no innocents are damned in the feast


Baron Buffoon - 2011/01/14

Our Captain gallops in on a white steed
His rapier elevated for admirers to see
Today he donned his grand dress uniform
Reminiscent of a nobleman French marquis
Behold his gallantry and God given grace
As he carries himself with ancient pride
His aura illuminates the lowest of fools
No known evil stands against that stride

I will not get in line for his autograph
Like another celebrity worshiping robot
Look at him mug as the camera eats it up
I have seen that fool slurp his own snot
Sadly he has never had to walk the plank
He cannot swim but would drown with class
Ill plunder that smirk adorning his face
By making my way aft and beating his ass

The women always come from miles around
Some say it is all just to see his eyes
According to his wife she does not care
As he prefers cabin boys in thigh highs
Did you know just how he got a nose ring
He was talking shit going for first base
After inhaling a few too many Appletinis
While using a rapier to scratch his face

So come see this master of the high seas
Damn jackass cannot even read a real map
Without GPS he gets lost in his backyard
Just beware of that legendary bitch slap
When he trots on by feel free to snicker
If you need a bit more to outright laugh
Just envision him with his rubber duckie
Wearing his floaties and taking his bath


Whats Your Sign - 2011/01/13

Some chick wanted my sign
Well I dont actually know
Some nerds changed it up
And that freaking blows
I lived life like a Libra
Or at least I pretended
When they said I was Virgo
My world was so upended

Though soon I realized
Its not bad like I thought
I no longer have to be
Just another Libra robot
No more playing peacemaker
Im done balancing it out
Im learning to be gentle
Thats what Virgo is about

Im done being easy to know
And I wont be getting along
Im going to shut my fat yap
While helping others along
Im moving forward all alone
As I dump my codependencies
Im going to become productive
Fuck my artistic tendencies

Get ready my dear friends
A new day has just dawned
Better check my horoscope
To see how I'll be wronged
Of course you never know
When fate will screw it up
Then I'll have to google
To learn how to change it up

I Ate Some Grits - 2011/01/13

This was not how I was raised
Not my plan
I got curious, menu in hand
Got a bit too hungry
It's not what, I really eat
Just wanted a small taste
I'm hungry for it
Caught my attention

I ate some grits and I liked it
The taste of that salty rice mush
I ate some grits just to try it
I hope my english muffins dont mind
I felt bad
It tasted good
Don't mean I'm not a yankee
I ate some grits and I liked it
You should try it

No, I don't know how much fat
It doesn't matter,
Cause Im gonna eat more of that
Just my stomach
It's not what,
Yankees do
Not how I should behave
Im not being sarcastic
Hard to care


Essence - 2011/01/12

Who they are they themselves do not know
Each queerly different yet still the same
They tumble to earth as tears in the rain

I watch from afar as they evolve to expire
Always unaware of squandered precious time
They search for strength within the sublime

Their sharpened blades usually eviscerate
Any would be predator that dares to engage
They try to escape as they build the cage

I pity them when the realization hits home
For existence itself will bow to no monarch
They struggle vainly just to leave a mark


Road to Perdition - 2011/01/11

Now is the time when jesters will emerge
Out from the wood work they shall spring
Ever arrogant they simply taunt and jeer
Throwing barbs with a quick poison sting
So they walk sowing deep fields of green
With dead liquid rancor they proliferate
We downplay while attempting to so avoid
Fueling their hatred for all we venerate

Grunts in lines march with dark templars
Wicked katanas drawn with shields raised
Muttering prayers if only to invoke pain
On the silent dead via those hate crazed
Silently we see allowing it to transcend
As we make no motion to rise and prevent
So onward they march unhindered by sense
Allowed to disseminate their damn intent

Shall a solution to primitive fear arise
If every sensible mind turns a blind eye
By what hands shall it be crafted if now
We stand by idle hoping it will just die
Playing the voyeur amidst insolent chaos
As horrid fools spray random incoherence
Never obstructs a disease from spreading
For it is unhindered by stout resistance


Cogitation - 2011/01/10

Hey my friend it looks like you are lost
Right over there stands warm familiarity
Go out and battle the winter if you will
While I warm myself and bask in hilarity
Fools will call the dedication admirable
As they too are lost and without a place
I claim sometimes this world shuts us in
Just so we can dream and stare into space

Ignore it though it is at your own peril
Our wintery circumstance makes no excuse
It lives beyond the boundaries of choice
So settle down and lets write up a truce
Let the world leave you behind for a day
Its trials and turmoil shall stay intact
And when our freedom is finally restored
Dedicate time to ponder that simple fact


Desolate - 2011/01/08

A man with no name stands amidst the wind
Breathing in the sand that tears his face
He picks up his shovel and begins to work
In the ever shifting dunes he has a place
Day in day out he aspires to craft a hole
After clearing last evenings newborn sand
Time has expired and it is time to retire
While he sleeps wind lends a helping hand

After the sun rises a nameless man awakes
For another day of work within a dead sea
Surprisingly he has emerged from a stupor
His commandants issued an official decree
Awake and confused for change had arrived
That ominous presence assaulting his life
His shovel was abandoned as it lacked use
No amount of digging can stop such strife

A nameless friend waits analyzing the sky
His shovel buried beneath a month of sand
It is purpose he looks for as his is gone
Yet he knows better than to ask this land
That evening a comet races past the stars
A dazzlement that is indicative of a sign
With that a new man begins a long journey
For destination unknown yet he feels fine

Voyager - 2011/01/08

Across the sea lies the land of the wall
Stories of which are ominously exciting
It is a place most will never get to see
Though its mystery becomes more inviting

Now I know a man and he is ready to leave
On a journey most cant hope to understand
For he has found an opportunity to travel
To this ancient alluring unreachable land

What drives his journey I simply know not
Regardless I shall admire any declaration
Of the fervid man with enduring character
Daring to transcend his appointed station

Accounting for his loss is a vain mission
Yet some will undoubtedly make an attempt
As they are tasked with maintaining order
Even in the face of much jealous contempt

Let me be quite clear I sir wish you well
Hoping your life will be full of surprise
As I wonder how you will recall your time
Here with us in the face of a new sunrise

Across the sea lies the land of the wall
Stories of which are ominously exciting
It is where we all should go to discover
Measure of this man of whom I am writing


Transubstantiation - 2011/01/05

Bright lights of the city blind my eyes
As they fade into the evanescence below
I might miss the turmoil it brings alive
Though I will not be sorry to see it go
As ants scattering amidst a great attack
You plebs flee from the slightest danger
Yet while you may cry for my assistance
Neutrality rules as my interest has faded

Golden kingdoms may trans mutate into lead
While the free following wine turns rancid
But this like all other things shall pass
Acceptance of which allows me to be candid
So come one come all and waylay these ears
Serenade me with your tempting siren songs
Do not be surprised when the world remains
As I cant be bothered to right your wrongs

I am but a man with a plan of rising above
That does not involve consuming your whims
Focusing on something greater buried inside
Rather than the empty promise of your hymns
So it is time to bid adieu to the denizens
Fighting for every step in a circular path
Worry not about my reactions to your slurs
I am no God nor an instrument of his wrath


Sprung - 2011/01/02

A cool wind is howling
The doors are knocking
Life resembles a crawl
As derelict is walking

Coyotes skulk sorrily
Dogs refuse to consort
Neighbors bunker down
All justice ran short

Out from these walls
Emerges an idea undone
To eternal punishment
Of debt owed to no one

Fear this foundation
Of a future designed
That belongs to a man
With a life consigned