Cake Cartel - 2011/01/31

Oh see the delicious chocolate cake
It required a secret recipe to make
You are welcome to try only to fail
As my magic formula is not for sale
Should you succeed in the imitation
We advise you to limit your elation
For we the deciders will not decree
License to digest what made us free

I would refer you to our old patent
Research and development well spent
Production of this is under control
Your disregard has taken a big toll
Officially we cannot make you cease
Though you will if you desire peace
Out of respect for your loud desire
We will recommend a decent supplier

I am sorry my choice does not agree
As he is our representative you see
You all have always rated him great
So why only now do you unleash hate
If you believe the tally is a fraud
I am now insulted and outright awed
Our marionette will give you pastry
And you ingrates will eat with glee

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