Clowns - 2011/01/26

His face looks so serious
Yes but feel free to sleep
Well I dont want to be rude
I assure you nobody will weep

What is he actually saying
You know I cant really tell
Did he just contradict himself
His reasoning doesnt flow well

Wait are we supposed to clap
Unless you want to be a jerk
But he is talking nonsense
Being on a team is hard work

I dont think I like this game
What exactly is your objection
It is all myths and great lies
That seems to be our direction

Wait how can things be strong
Well if you have a lot of cash
Was it really all about winning
Right up until the final crash

Explain why you arent concerned
Ive been around this block before
So how did it work out back then
Sold out like a two dollar whore

I cannot wait for the response
Prepare yourself to be let down
Oh comeon surely it will be good
Sorry just another talking clown

You were right that was depressing
Im sorry to say that I told you so
Oh here comes the really crazy one
Is she serious how low can we go

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