Dream On - 2011/01/28

A starlit sky presents a silver moon
Illuminating typical suburb silence
Nagging concerns burrow deep to grow
Nurtured by all oblivious to events
Wrapped in deep cocoons they slumber
While cracks in the foundation inch
Past the maximum tolerance of stress
For what seems an exceptional winch

Millions upon millions dozing along
In the dapper dreamland they reside
Even as soothsayers signs so signal
Reality is not a condition to abide
A nightmare awaits all those damned
With eyes that refuse to seal shut
For they are aware and pontificate
Eventual escape from this their rut

Oxide litters the early morning air
Even as black plumes begin to ascend
Run for your lives warn the very few
Maintaining a consciousness to defend
Alas truth is not worthy to penetrate
Barriers to the city of these dreams
Where innocent emperors frolic naked
In danger for nothing is as it seems

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