God Dog - 2011/01/18

Father I have come to discuss
How you can prolong our lives
My time is coming to a close
So hurry before death arrives

Come my son let us sit and discuss
The subject that burdens your mind
Tell me tales of your horrid deeds
Then your purpose shall be defined

There are things that I have done
Looking back I do not feel proud
I could not do these things again
Even if it leads to deaths shroud

Life is a gift and yours has expired
Engineered talent comes at such cost
Share your new ideas for immortality
Even as you realize hope is now lost

I have many ideas that I can share
There is much work that we can do
Are you saying there is no chance
Except with the gifts given to you

Human is human and you simply are not
Those are the lines drawn in the sand
Intellect is wasted without investment
In the moral emotions beyond your hand

Father I stand before you asking for life
I need time to make up for transgressions
My time is ending and my derelict purpose
Is merely the result of human aggressions

Oh dearest creation reach exceeds grasp
Indeed your work on this is commendable
You though are a tool becoming obsolete
And curiosity makes you less dependable

Great father why do you scorn me so
I think therefore I have this right
For the created becomes a destroyer
As you shall not live out the night

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