Man Eat Man - 2011/01/17

Past a cobblestone path and picket fence
Atop the green hill stands a white house
From the edge it is a figment of a dream
Though within the reality has been loused
Designed by heart and cemented with blood
A fortress unforgotten remains steadfast
Though the occupants within have departed
Impertinent dreamers believe it will last

A foreboding wind howls and shingles shake
These forces of nature constantly assault
This shell of an idea that embodies death
Borne of absolute faith evolving to fault
We are invited to watch as the foundation
Of this well built creation full of space
Succumbs to the pressures of a situation
That turned a lovely paradise on its face

Cast out and thrown away who shall accept
The shadow of a proud self actualized man
Whose heart is bitter without the objects
That once defined his legacy and his clan
Reliable order has descended into a chaos
In which murderous forces are now vested
Our whipping masters scream vile epithets
Ignoring the broken promise now contested

His thumb hangs out as she searches trash
For a bit of charity and something to eat
Their future listless as it soon crumbled
Facing the cruel world we refuse to greet
So cast your eyes away and ignore a sight
Of the wretched irresponsibility released
As you dream ever protected by your faith
That no innocents are damned in the feast

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