Nexus - 2011/01/20

The passing glimmer is now fading fast
As all moments lead into this the last
Memories collected that are filed away
Will perish before this sun sets today
So with that in mind a purpose emerges
Requiring abandonment of vengeful urges

This act though final will have effects
However concise it spreads and dissects
Clocks that chime the hour will be late
To experience firsthand an earthly fate
So within transmission it dares live on
Eternally while another holds the baton

For great storms begin with just a drop
As it alone can force the world to stop
In these scenarios the time decelerates
While absorption capability accelerates
Spores of a dying plant however bizarre
May spawn inspired progeny near and far

Quaint glimmer once known has been lost
Yet the moment was not callously tossed
Resurrection begins with chain reaction
A small shimmer in a maze of refraction
Beyond all odds it magnifies into force
Noticeably effecting omnipresent course

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