Road to Perdition - 2011/01/11

Now is the time when jesters will emerge
Out from the wood work they shall spring
Ever arrogant they simply taunt and jeer
Throwing barbs with a quick poison sting
So they walk sowing deep fields of green
With dead liquid rancor they proliferate
We downplay while attempting to so avoid
Fueling their hatred for all we venerate

Grunts in lines march with dark templars
Wicked katanas drawn with shields raised
Muttering prayers if only to invoke pain
On the silent dead via those hate crazed
Silently we see allowing it to transcend
As we make no motion to rise and prevent
So onward they march unhindered by sense
Allowed to disseminate their damn intent

Shall a solution to primitive fear arise
If every sensible mind turns a blind eye
By what hands shall it be crafted if now
We stand by idle hoping it will just die
Playing the voyeur amidst insolent chaos
As horrid fools spray random incoherence
Never obstructs a disease from spreading
For it is unhindered by stout resistance

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